The One Graph that Exposes the EPA Lie re Methane Regulation

The graph below puts to rest the lie that the EPA’s action in trying to control oil and gas drilling via the back door of controlling methane emissions will do anything to help so-called global warming. It won’t. Not a thing. Why? One-third of all methane emissions are naturally occurring–coming from “wetlands” (i.e. swamps, representing 22%), the ocean (3%) and yes, termites (4%). Who knew termites fart that much? But wait, there’s even more farting. Of all “man-caused” methane emissions, cow farts, otherwise referred to as “enteric fermentation” represent 16% of all methane emissions, and “animal waste” (i.e. cow manure) represents another 5% of all methane emissions. That is, agriculture is responsible for 21% of all “fugitive” methane emissions. Oil & gas and coal extraction? That represents 19%. So the EPA is focusing on 19% of the problem and ignoring the other 81% of the problem, claiming that will magically reduce global warming. What utter cow manure…

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