2 Wolf Pipeline Task Force Members Reveal Broken Process

pullcurtainback.jpgTwo shale industry members of last year’s ill-fated Pennsylvania Pipeline Task Force have pulled the curtain back to reveal what went on behind the scenes. The sausage-making. And it’s not pretty. Two important facts emerge for their disclosures: (1) most of the members of the task force didn’t (and still don’t) know their heads from their rear-ends when it comes to how the natural gas industry actually works, and (2) nothing useful will come from the 658-page report and its 184 recommendations. We previously predicted that outcome when we said, “Silly libs–they never learn. This initiative was never about actually getting anything done. It was always about the optics–to show that radical leftist Tom Wolf (and his lackey John Quigley) actually care about the hoi polloi” (see 2 NEPA Members of Pipeline Task Force Want to Know, What’s Next?). It’s about showing how much you “care” when it comes to lib Dems–never about actual results. And so it was with this exercise in utter futility known as the Pipeline Task Force…

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