Analyst Says Check Your History, Constitution Pipe Won’t Get Built

Constitution Pipeline map
Constitution Pipeline map – click for larger version

An analyst with a Washington, D.C. policy and research firm believes that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent action in denying Williams stream crossing permits for the Constitution Pipeline means that project is dead. He cites another pipeline project from a decade ago–the Islander East project–that faced a similar situation. In the end, Islander East didn’t get built. He believes the same fate is in store for the Constitution. We sincerely hope he’s wrong and that FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) will “grow a pair” and not let Gov. Cuomo bully them. At its heart this is a battle over the trampling of federal authority. We find it curious that Obama and his sycophants throughout the government are hellbent on expanding federal authority over every aspect of our lives–from health care, to what we eat, to what forms of power we can use. And yet these same people stand by and are silent when a federal agency like FERC is emasculated by a state like NY. Of course it should be the opposite. This is one time when the federal government Constitutionally has the authority to act, and that authority has been illegally co-opted by a state. FERC needs to force the issue in court to overrule NY’s abuse of power. The analyst, however, doesn’t see it that way…

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