Obama DOJ Kills Halliburton/Baker Hughes Merger, Deal “Terminated”

It's Dead JimIt’s a sad day for Halliburton and Baker Hughes. The two companies intended to get married, with Halliburton buying out BH and merging it in a deal worth $35 billion (see Shotgun Wedding: Halliburton Forces Baker Hughes to Sell). That was in November 2014. Since then, the two companies have jumped through every hoop demanded of them, including shedding assets (see Halliburton/Baker Hughes Hold a Pre-Merger Garage Sale). By the end of last year, rumors were circulating that the deal is in trouble (see Whispers Turning in Chorus, Halliburton/BH Deal in Trouble). Then European regulators began throwing cold water on the deal (see Europe Puts Halliburton/BH Merger Under a Microscope). No problem–HalliHughes thought they could still pull it off. But then the bullies of the Obama Justice Department got involved and sued to block the deal (see Obama DOJ Sues to Block Halliburton/Baker Hughes Merger). We can’t remember a time when the DOJ opposed a big deal it ended up happening. And so it is with this one. The bullies have won. In a rare Sunday press release, Baker Hughes says the deal is now off–and Halliburton owes Baker Hughes $3.5 billion in a breakup fee–due by this Wednesday. Happy May Day, Halli!…

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