Sierra Club Petitions FTC to Stop Atlantic Coast Pipeline

lawsuitIt’s time to sue the nutjobs at the Sierra Club out of existence. The “non-profit” so-called environmental organization is a menace to all Americans. It’s a vipers nest of lawyers who exist solely to line their own pockets. The way they do it is to file lawsuits and “petitions” by the dump truck-load (generating work for lawyers). One of the projects they’re trying to stop is the much-needed Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 550-mile, $5 billion project that will run from West Virginia into Virginia and on into North Carolina–benefiting the residents of all three states (see New Coalition of Same Old Antis Opposes Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Sierra Club Pressures WV County to Oppose Atlantic Coast Pipeline). The Sierra Club’s latest tactic to try and stop the project is to petition the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with wild claims that the project violates antitrust laws. We have a copy of the paperwork/petition they filed with the FTC (full copy below). It runs 1,215 pages long! How’s that for a mountain of legal horse manure…

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