Desperate Antis Try One Last Legal Maneuver to Stop Mariner East 2

You may recall our story about the daughter of a Huntingdon County, PA landowner, radicalized by Big Green groups (as evidenced by her association with well known protesters previously arrested), who took to a tree on her mom’s property in order to illegally stop crews working on tree clearing for the Mariner East 2 pipeline (see PA Anti Literally Goes Up a Tree to Stop Mariner East 2 Pipeline). It ultimately didn’t matter, because Sunoco came back and cut down the few trees they need to cut anyway (see Sunoco Tricks Radicalized Protester – Returns and Cuts More Trees). Eventually law enforcement got around to arresting the daughter, and the mom (who also trespassed during tree clearing). Law enforcement also arrested a serial criminal trespasser/anti who aided and radicalized them. Unfortunately, in a miscarriage of justice, the charges against all three were dropped (see Charges Dismissed Against Tree Sitting Anti in Huntingdon County). The up-a-tree girl and her mom, with backing by Big Green money, continue to litigate. They are being used by Big Green, and fossil fuel-hating Big Green lawyers for the mom and daughter think they’ve found a clever legal tactic to stop Mariner East 2–not just from their property, but from being built across the state period. It is their final “hail Mary” pass…

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