Mass. RINO Gov. Baker Orders “Review” of Compressor Station

[begin political rant] Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is a RINO–Republican in Name Only–and not all that different from another RINO who was once governor of the Bay State: Mitt Romney. We personally find RINOs disgusting. Why don’t they just switch parties and be done with it? Join the Democrats, or if the lib Dems are too far to the left, join the Establishment Party, which is really what they all belong to anyway, regardless of the D or R after their name. [end political rant] Gov. Baker has (surprise!) caved to pressure from radical, insane environmentalists in his state who want to stop a compressor station from getting built in Weymouth, MA. The compressor is part of Spectra Energy’s (now Enbridge) federally-approved Atlantic Bridge project (see FERC Approves Atlantic Bridge Project for New England/Canada). Atlantic Bridge will beef up capacity of the Algonquin Gas Transmission and Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline systems–to move more Marcellus/Utica gas to New England and Canada. The compressor station in Weymouth is situated along the Alogonquin Gas Transmission pipeline. The radicals have been ranting about this project pretty much from the beginning. In February, Massachusetts’ two Democrat U.S. Senators, Ed Markey and the faux American Indian, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to withdraw its approval of the project (see Mass. Senators Ask FERC to Reverse Atlantic Bridge Certification). Since that time, the radicals have continued their campaign to stop Atlantic Bridge. On July 11th, the Boston Globe ran a “you darned well better find a way to stop this compressor station, Gov. Baker” article, and less than a week later, Baker wilted like a picked flower, and said he will sic various state agencies on the case to try and find a way to slow it down. However, Baker does admit that in the end, the state likely can’t do a thing about the compressor, because it’s a FERC-approved project…

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