Antis Pressure Virginia DEQ to Delay or Deny Permits for 2 Pipelines

Anti-fossil fuelers, aided and abetted by liberal local media, continues the drumbeat to pressure the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality to either block, or greatly slow down, approvals needed to build both the $5 billion, 594-mile Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project and the $3.5 billion, 301-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). Both pipelines start in West Virginia. ACP crosses through Virginia and stretches into North Caroline. MVP terminates in southern Virginia. Some oppose the projects due to an insane hatred of fossil fuels (the same fossil fuels that make their existence and protest possible). Others don’t want a pipeline cutting across their favorite horse pasture. Ruins the look, ya know. There have been a blizzard of lawsuits and legal actions to try and stop both projects (see Corrosive Use of Legal System Attempts to Stop M-U Pipelines). However, antis have learned if they can pressure, coerce or otherwise threaten environmental agencies, that can be the most effective strategy of all. It has certainly worked in New York, where our Dept. of Environmental Conservation, bowing to political pressure, has (so far) blocked three urgent/critical pipeline projects. Virginia antis are hoping for a repeat there. If they can only pressure the DEQ into blocking or delaying ACP and MVP, it would give new meaning to their pathetic lives…

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