Gov. Cuomo Triples Upstate NY Electric Bills by Blocking Natgas

This is a somewhat personal story that perfectly illustrates the point we’ve been making for years. MDN editor Jim Willis lives with his wife and family in the Binghamton, NY area. Jim likes to say he “lives behind enemy lines”–meaning New York State under Andrew Cuomo and his radical left base are hostile to the fossil fuel industry. The cost of Cuomo’s actions for every New Yorker (at least those of us living in Upstate) is now on full display for all to see. A few weeks ago Jim got his monthly electric bill from New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG, owned by the Spanish company Iberdrola). Jim’s eyes about fell out of their sockets. Jim largely uses electricity for heating (with a fuel oil furnace as backup). No natural gas lines where Jim lives, unfortunately. Even in the dead of winter Jim’s electric bill is rarely over $200 in any given month–typically around $150. This time? Nearly $700!!!! At first, Jim chalked it up to the cold snap and the constant running of his electric heat source. Then he spotted an article (below, sent to us by Vic Furman), that shows Jim is not the only one. Across the entire region folks received bills that are double and triple the usual amount. Why the spike in price? It seems the lack of natural gas via pipelines is not only hurting New England, it’s now hurting Upstate NY. Due to a lack of natgas supplies and the huge regional demand for natgas–for home heating as well as for electric generators–the spot price for gas went through the roof and along with it NYSEG’s cost for both natgas and electricity generated by natgas also went through the roof. Consequently, Cuomo’s frack ban and (now) pipeline ban on importing natgas from PA are having very real, tangible consequences–in our electric bills. All of Cuomo’s precious renewable sources of energy will not, indeed cannot, make up for a lack of natgas. Cuomo’s stupidity is costing ME real money…

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