Feds Attempt a Power Grab of Delaware River Basin

grabNew York Sen. Chuck Schumer earlier this week paid nominal lip service to the marvels of shale drilling (see Sen. Chuck Schumer Supports Fracking in NY – Sort of). Although some on the pro-drilling side didn’t like MDN’s take on the gasbag Schumer and his false support of drilling, we offer evidence of his true intentions. Yesterday Schumer and six other senators (all liberal Democrats) introduced a bill to “preserve and improve [the] Delaware River Watershed.” The so-called “Delaware River Basin Conservation Act of 2014” would “establish the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The program would implement a coordinated approach, requiring the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service director to adopt a basin-wide plan that sustains and enhances the Delaware River basin restoration and protection efforts. The program would support projects from federal, state, and local governments and stakeholders, ensuring that existing successful restoration plans are leveraged.”

Translation: The feds want to trample over the states and take over the Delaware River Basin, which means there never will be any shale drilling in places like Wayne County, PA which happens to sit in the basin. It’s a horrible bill–a federal power grab–and it needs to be opposed. Vigorously. Thanks Chucky, for your so-called “support” of shale drilling. Schmuck. An even bigger schmuck is Sen. Bob Casey–from Pennsylvania! He’s one of the seven lib Dem senators sponsoring this abomination…

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