Media Continues to Demagogue PA “Water Contamination” Research

acid tripYesterday MDN alerted you to the coming buzz saw of media lies about a new study that reportedly shows three Pennsylvania water wells that may have been contaminated by nearby fracking operations (see Penn State Finds Chemical Migration in 3 PA Water Wells from 2010). As we pointed out yesterday, this is an isolated case from five years ago where a wastewater impoundment was found to be leaking–hardly a smoking gun that “fracking contaminates surface water supplies” (the lie that psychotics like Daily Kos readers chant to themselves every day). Anti-drilling reporters in mainstream media are committing malpractice in their reporting of this study. The reporting has reached a fevered pitch–almost like the reporters are experiencing an ecstatic LSD acid trip. The story has gone worldwide and the headlines (and lies) continue to pour in. We spotted a great analysis of the research and what the research says–and doesn’t say–by the always-excellent Energy in Depth. We think it’s worth repeating here for the MDN audience…

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