DOE Rejects Sierra Club’s Request to Re-Hear Cove Point Decision

DOERadical environmentalists from groups like the Sierra Club, Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Earthjustice continue a full court press to try and stop Dominion’s Cove Point LNG (liquefied natural gas) export facility, currently under construction (more than a quarter done) along the coast of Maryland. These groups coordinate and collude to try and deny a single, legitimate business–Dominion–the right to conduct business. Sounds like something out of Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany–but no. It’s right here in the US of A. Here’s the radical’s strategy in a nutshell–throw as much feces against the wall as you can, and hope that some of it sticks. One pile of feces they’ve thrown is to file multiple lawsuits, in various courts (see Green Groups Ask DC Judge to Stop Construction at Cove Point LNG). Another pile of feces thrown is against the government agencies involved–the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Dept. of Energy (DOE). The strategy used by antis against the agencies is to beg and plead for “re-hearings” of decisions already made by the agencies. Last year FERC told the nutters to blow off (see FERC Says “No” to Anti’s Request for Cove Point LNG Re-hearing). The Sierra Club then went after the DOE–to ask them to reconsider their approval to sell Cove Point LNG to non-Free Trade Agreement countries–specifically India and Japan. Last week the DOE also told the Sierra Club to blow off…

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