Lancaster Antis Try to Bully Pipeline Supporters, FERC Reps

Atlantic SunriseMDN has attended several Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) “scoping hearings” in the past (see Vicariously Attend FERC Scoping Hearing on Constitution Pipeline). So we’ve seen first-hand the kind of antics that virulent anti-fossil fuelers engage in at such hearings. Which has led us to comment these hearings are often freak shows–a forum for these people to vent and verbally vomit all over FERC representatives. Such was the case last night in Lancaster, PA at a public hearing held by FERC for the much needed, largely noncontroversial Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, to be built by Williams. A group of 250-350 (depending on the media source) showed up to listen, with some speaking, at last night’s hearing. Not all in the audience were antis–but many were. People who support the pipeline have better things to do with their time than listen to nutters bleat and blat and carry on. Let’s put the numbers in perspective. Lancaster and Lebanon counties have a combined total population of 653,000 residents. Of that, 350 showed up for the hearing. If all 350 were against the pipeline (which wasn’t the case, but bear with us), that would be .05% of the population–statistically zero. And yet this very small group with very big mouths get all of the media coverage from the event…

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