Protesters Try to Resurrect Failed ND Pipeline Fight in Lancaster

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Anti-fossil fuelers opposed to the Williams Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project–a $3 billion, 198-mile pipeline running through 10 Pennsylvania counties to connect Marcellus Shale natural gas from PA with the Williams’ Transco pipeline in southern Lancaster County–are using the same (losing) playbook to oppose Atlantic Sunrise as they used to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. They claim, falsely, that the pipeline will disturb ancient Indian burial grounds and other hogwash about disturbing archaeological sites. As we’ve previously reported, local antis in Lancaster County, PA aided and abetted by national Big Green groups hope to recreate the disaster of Standing Rock, ND in Lancaster County, PA (see PA Anti Hopes to Bring Standing Rock Disaster to Lancaster County). As we reported last week, most of the funding for their troublemaking is coming from a British cosmetics company nobody ever heard of (see Cosmetics Firm, Church Fund Anti “Camps” Against Atlantic Sunrise). Just in case the general reading public is too stupid to understand that Lancaster is the new Standing Rock, they’ve painted “Welcome to the Stand” (channeling Standing Rock) on the side of a barn near where the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline is due to run. And they openly admit, even trumpet the fact, that “Standing Rock is the playbook” they are using. That is, they seek anarchy and lawlessness as their preferred means to bully other people into doing something they want done…

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