Anti Groups Panic, Demand Govs Ban Fracking in Dela. River Basin

Radical anti-fossil fuelers with THE Delaware Riverkeeper and New Jersey Sierra Club, along with a mish mash of other fringe “environmental” groups, are becoming shrill in their demand that fracking be permanently banned in the Delaware River Basin. Riverkeeper, Sierra Club and other nutjob groups are this week delivering a petition they claim has over 63,000 signatures (many of them made up or dead) calling on the governors of the four states that are part of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to vote to permanently ban fracking in the DRBC’s jurisdiction. Each day this week the group of, whatever you call them, are delivering the petitions in staged media events, in each state capital. These groups have wanted and lobbied for a permanent ban for years. Why push so hard for it now? What’s the urgency? Why go on the road now to demand an outright ban? There is only one reason we can think of for why these radicals are pushing so hard now: they are running scared, concerned that a lawsuit by a Wayne County landowner in federal court will go against the DRBC and finally force the issue, allowing fracking (see Wayne County Landowner Files Brief in Case Against DRBC Frack Ban). Once fracking begins in the Delaware River Basin–and let us assure you, it will–and once everyone sees that fracking is safe and has zero impact on drinking water supplies, the lie anti-frackers have pedaled since Josh Fox and Gasland will be exposed for all to see. That’s why they are in a panic, “demanding” that fracking be banned, NOW. They need to get it banned before the judge makes a decision to allow it…

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