First Atlantic Sunrise Pipe Gets Buried on Nun Property

We find this story amusing. A group of left-leaning Catholic nuns in Lancaster County, PA, whipped up by radical environmentalists with ties to Big Green organizations, got it into their heads to try and block a very-safe natural gas pipeline from crossing their property–the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline being built by Williams. The Sisters call themselves Adorers of the Blood of Christ. We call them Sisters of the Corn, because they put a couple of wooden park benches in a cornfield on their property (leased to a local farmer), christening it a “chapel” and claiming because the pipeline would run through the middle of their so-called chapel, building a pipeline is a violation of freedom of religion. In September a federal judge tossed the lawsuit (see Fed Judge Tosses Lancaster Nuns’ Freedom of Religion Lawsuit re ASP). However, the Sisters and their bought-and-paid-for-by-Big-Green lawyers have appealed it. The Sisters are hypocrites. They heat an old folks home they operate on the very same property–with natural gas! Talk about chutzpah. Over the past few weeks, mostly non-local Big Green protesters have showed up at the property as work began. So far 29 of the wackier protesters have been arrested trying to block work on the pipeline (see Lancaster Pipeline Protesters ‘Do the Hokey Pokey’ & Get Arrested and 6 More Arrested for Blocking Pipe Work at Lancaster Nun Property). Williams wisely chose the cornfield site owned by the Sisters as the first place to dig and lay pipeline. Within a few days (perhaps already), that very location will be the first portion of Atlantic Sunrise to be laid in the ground and covered up. Williams isn’t stupid. Get the location with the most resistance done first and the rest is a piece of cake. Meanwhile, Big Green lawyers are screaming for court intervention, even as the pipes are lowered into the trench (we just can’t wipe the smile off our face)…

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