Central PA Counties form Co-op to Expand NatGas Service Locally

Juniata County just became the fifth central Pennsylvania county to join the SEDA-COG Natural Gas Cooperative. SEDA-COG stands for Susquehanna Economic Development Association – Council of Governments. Collectively, SEDA-COG is a group of 11 central PA counties. The other four counties that belong to the Natural Gas Cooperative include Clinton, Centre, Mifflin, and Perry. So what’s the big deal about this group? In 2013 MDN reported that SEDA-COG was working on an initiative to bring natural gas to more residents and businesses in their collective 11-county region (see Central PA Counties Cooperate on Infrastructure for More Gas Use). That cooperative effort eventually, in early 2016, gave birth to the SEDA-COG Natural Gas Cooperative group. Between 2014-2016 SEDA-COG conducted two studies to identify key targeted investment areas for establishment or expansion of natural gas service in its 11 member counties. Earlier this year, they issued a final report (full copy below). The report outlines ways in which the counties can cooperate to bring new gas infrastructure (distribution pipelines) to the region–delivering gas to homes and businesses. It is local government at its best, putting their heads together to benefit the entire region. The great news is that these central PA counties either have local shale wells, or are situated close to abundant shale production in nearby counties. Now it’s just a matter of getting folks hooked up to the gas…
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TU: If You Can’t Beat Shale Drillers, Try a New Lie

An interesting twist. Apparently the devout anti-drilling group Trout Unlimited has at least one leader and one chapter that isn’t quite so anti-drilling. Either that or they’re trying a new tactic: bald-faced lying (wouldn’t be the first time).

At a local Penns Creek chapter meeting of TU in Lewistown, PA,┬áPaula Piatt, a “sportsmen organizer” for the group said she doesn’t want to tell landowners not to lease and not to drill–well, she really does want to tell them that, but she isn’t, not right now anyway. No, what she does want to tell them is this is how you should drill. To which we say, the utter arrogance of these people….
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Central PA Counties Cooperate on Infrastructure for More Gas Use

A new initiative in central Pennsylvania aims to make it easier for residents, businesses and drivers to take advantage of the abundant, cheap Marcellus Shale gas being produced all around them. The new initiative is being led by the SEDA Council of Governments (or SEDA-COG), a multi-county economic development agency in central PA.

The $160,000 project will identify areas where new infrastructure (pipelines, rail, filling stations, etc.) can be built to deliver natural gas for those hungry to begin using it…
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