ShaleNavigator Cloud-Based Mapping Service Continues Expansion [Free]

MDN friend and “partner in crime” Ed Camp (from ShaleNavigator) released a press release on Friday to call attention to some of the latest and greatest features he’s added to the ShaleNavigator service—the web’s premier cloud-based shale mapping system. Ed’s ShaleNavigator maps are the basis for the MDN Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook series (see here for more info on the Databook).

We’re happy to bring you Ed’s latest press release, along with his offer of a free 7-day trial:

Cloud-based Mapping System helps investors, landowner groups, drillers, pipeline, and consulting companies track development activity in quickly evolving Shale Plays.

A recent flurry of well results across Marcellus and Utica Shale Play geography is fueling interest and investment by some of the world’s largest gas companies. Adding to the heightened interest are reports of substantial oil being produced from the shale formations, and impressive Quarterly production reports hitting the financial newswires. With strong well results being released, location awareness is critical for analyzing and projecting future paths of development. Interpreting what all this means at the local level for landowners, landowner groups, and many smaller drillers and consulting companies can be challenging.

ShaleNavigator® web-based mapping is solution for multiple industries

ShaleNavigator®, a web-based Shale Gas mapping system, has an array of tools and data services to help people and companies stay current with and interpret what these fast-moving developments mean for their property, property group, or company’s position in the quickly evolving landscapes. “Recent well results, new permits, and lease offers all contribute to defining where the future development paths are going to be, as well as where value can be found today” says Edward Camp, owner and developer of ShaleNavigator®. “This system captures and contexts all this news and information that has such incredible value once layered together and as a result of the continuous news and map layer updates, ShaleNavigator®is quite nearly a “Live” map – every day something is added or updated to keep up with development activities.

“ShaleNavigator® offers unique, proprietary data In addition to the latest available well permit and production points for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, generalized company lease positions, major pipeline right of ways, and recent lease offers, Pro Version Subscribers can also view three-state gas infrastructure including gas compressor stations, meter points, and gas storage locations. Additionally, we’ve just added Utica wells with directional wellbores, and subscribers can draw on, create, and save their own maps, and even share them with other subscribers. New Subscribers have found the mapping system easy to use, yet powerful in the aspects of total information and functionality,” Camp said.

Accessing ShaleNavigator®

Experience the information advantage ShaleNavigator®offers by visiting and sign up for a free 7-day account or immediately subscribe to view full-content Marcellus, Utica, Eagle Ford, and Antrim shale map layers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, and Michigan, and to make, save and share your own maps. The basic Subscription is only $29/month or $319 for an entire year, Pro Version (all layers and functions plus Gas Infrastructure and Utica Wellbore direction data layers) only $99/month or $899/year.

About the Company: ShaleNavigator®is a web-based mapping solution that displays information specific to the leasing and development of shale plays in the United States, with particular focus on Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York’s Marcellus and Utica development activity. Other US Shale plays are available as well within the interface. ShaleNavigator®is a product of Select Analytics, LLC, a New York based geospatial consulting firm that has served government, real estate development, environmental, and energy industries for over 15 years.

Contact Information Edward Camp 201-280-1452*

*Select Analytics (Nov 2, 2012) – Recent Marcellus and Utica Shale Well Results shape Landscape, ShaleNavigator Maps it