Arrest Warrant Issued for MVP Tree Sitting “Grandma Red”

Enough is enough. It’s time to end the silly charade of a 61 year-old kook sitting 30 feet up in the top of a tree that needs to come down to make way for the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Mainstream media could no longer maintain the veneer of credibility and continue to intentionally conceal the identity of the woman who would only call herself “Red”–which they did for weeks. No more. Her name is Theresa Terry. She goes by the nickname “Red.” We call her Grandma Red because she’s older (no idea if she’s actually a grandmother or not). Red’s daughter, also named Theresa, is up the same tree with her. The two Theresas are illegally trespassing on property (the tree) that now belongs to MVP, via eminent domain. As we told you on Friday, a group of far-left, liberal Democrat Virginia lawmakers actually support Red’s illegal action (see Virginia Democrat Lawmakers Side with Lawbreakers in MVP Protest). Sometime in the past week or so police began to deny Red’s supporters from passing food and water up the tree. They also turn bright lights on the two Theresas during the night, in an effort to deny them sleep and force them down. As the police say: They are meeting the “non-violent protest action” with “non-violent police action.” Which the radicals, hilariously, claim is “police abuse.” You see, antis can do whatever the heck they want to do–even breaking the law–and it’s righteous and pure as the wind-driven snow. But when you use their own tactics against them, that’s brutal. That’s persecution. That’s police abuse. Here’s an update on Grandma Red and the quest to remove her from her magic tree house 30 feet up in the air…

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