Crestwood Execs on Radio to Promote Propane Storage @ Seneca Lake

New York State is stuck in reverse. We can’t get shale drilling going. And shrill anti-fossil fuelers have gone so far as to illegally block the entrance to the future site of an underground storage facility for liquefied petroleum gas (propane) because they believe converting the depleted salt cavern into storing natural gas will lead to fracking in NY (see 10 Antis Arrested for Blocking Crestwood Facility at Seneca Lake). It’s so backward it’s hard to find words. However, there is hope. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has now blessed the Crestwood project, and the NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation, which has delayed approving the project since 2009, has finally issued a draft permit and scheduled a hearing next February that will (hopefully) lead to a permanent permit to allow the facility. Which is why anti-drillers have been nuttier than usual lately. The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) is hosting a radio program on the Sunday after Thanksgiving to air the real story of this facility and what it will mean for all New Yorkers…
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Steingraber, 2 Others Sent to Jail for Refusing to Pay Fine

The increasingly shrill (and irrational) Sandra Steingraber, a so-called “scholar in residence” who’s paid to gallivant and protest shale drilling and related fossil fuel issues by Ithaca College, was (once again) arrested, refused to pay her fine, and carted off to jail for refusing to pay a fine because she illegally blocked the entrance to a legally running business that one day hopes to house underground storage of natural gas. The facility is a depleted salt cavern along the shore of Seneca Lake (near Watkins Glen, NY). Steingraber has pulled this stunt before (see NY Anti-Drilling Protesters Jailed After Refusing to Pay Fine). Since she gets no media attention and you wouldn’t know about it otherwise, we thought we’d share the news with you…
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Progress with Proposed Seneca Lake Propane Storage Facility

Some positive movement (finally) for the proposed LPG (liquefied petroleum gas, or propane) storage facility proposed by Crestwood Midstream for a depleted salt cavern along Seneca Lake, near Watkins Glen, NY. We’ve been covering this story for years (see our articles on Inergy and Crestwood). In 2009 Inergy, which has since been sold to Crestwood, applied for a permit to store LPG in the depleted salt caverns on Seneca Lake. Since then, the state Dept. of Environmental Conservation, under a series of Democrat governors, has intentionally delayed issuing a permit for the facility. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) gave their blessing for the facility last month, and early last week the DEC finally issued draft permit conditions–the next step in the process…
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10 Antis Arrested for Blocking Crestwood Facility at Seneca Lake

It’s sad to see a member of our highly esteemed and respected armed forces fall for the lies of those who hate fossil fuels. Apparently the nutty Sandra Steingraber, the so-called “distinguished scholar in residence” at Ithaca College (meaning the Park Foundation funds her inane headline-grabbing hippie protests while she does precisely nothing at Ithaca College and earns a big salary) has hoodwinked U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Colleen Boland (retired) into supporting her extreme views. The two women were part of a small group who showed up outside of a former salt mine along the shore of Seneca Lake (near Watkins Glen, NY), the site of a proposed underground storage facility for liquefied petroleum gas (or propane) to illegally block the entrance. They were arrested and removed. This isn’t the first time Steingraber has been arrested at the facility…
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NY Anti-Driller Steingraber Tries to Get Re-Arrested at Seneca Lake

In March 2013, Ithaca College “distinguished scholar in residence” Sandra Steingraber, along with 11 other anti-drillers, were arrested for illegally blocking the entrance to a depleted salt mine along the shore of Seneca Lake near Watkins Glen, NY that Crestwood Midstream wants to use to store liquefied petroleum gas, i.e., propane (see NY Protesters Arrested for Blocking NatGas Storage Facility). Steingraber actually went to jail because she refused to pay a fine for her stunt (see NY Anti-Drilling Protesters Jailed After Refusing to Pay Fine). Since it’s been over a year since she was in the slammer, Steingraber must have the itch to go back in (it sometimes happens to convicts), so she convinced a few retirees with nothing better to do to stage a new illegal blockade of the facility. Of course, with no activity at the facility–on hold because New York Gov. Cuomo can never make a decision about anything dealing with natgas–the illegal blockade didn’t much matter to anyone but a few reporters…
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NY Antis Resort to Violence After Vote Supporting Propane Facility

the new lowWhere to begin? New York’s anti-drillers have sunk to a new low in their irrational quest to eliminate fossil fuels. They’ve resorted to intimidation, threats and now violence against public officials. For extra good measure, they’re poisoning the minds of New York’s school children–using them as props because they can’t get traction from the public for their own bizarro ideas. Let us explain the latest outrage in the antis’ fight to prevent a badly-needed liquid propane storage facility in Schuyler County, NY…
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NY Senate Bill Forces Cuomo DEC to Authorize New Propane Storage

MDN has long chronicled the struggle for Inergy (now a part of Crestwood Midstream) to turn a depleted salt cavern along Seneca Lake, NY into a critically important underground propane storage facility–the only such new facility planned for the northeast. We’ve also told you about nutty protesters, like so-called “distinguished scholar in residence” at Ithaca College, Sandra Steingraber, who was arrested for blocking the entrance to the facility last year (see NY Protesters Arrested for Blocking NatGas Storage Facility). We even told you which businesses you should consider boycotting for their agitation against the facility (see Inergy: Boycott NY Businesses that Support ‘Gas Free Seneca’). One of the businesses in the list stands out: Pompous Ass Winery, run by…well, you can imagine.

As MDN noted not long ago, the delay in allowing Inergy/Crestwood to begin using the facility to store propane is partially to blame for why northeasterners are now paying propane rates out the nose (see Northeast Propane Shortage – Andrew Cuomo Partially to Blame). Enough dithering by Can’t-Make-a-Decision Cuomo. NY State Senate Energy Committee Chairman George Maziarz, R-Lockport, has introduced a bill that requires the recalcitrant state Dept. of Environmental Conservation to get off the pot and permit the facility…
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Northeast Propane Shortage – Andrew Cuomo Partially to Blame

Propane is one of the natural gas liquids (NGLs) that comes out of the ground along with methane (natural gas) in places like southwest PA and eastern OH–otherwise known as “wet gas” areas of the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. There’s been a number of stories recently in the national media about supply shortages of propane. The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association issued a press release yesterday addressing those concerns–to layout the reasons why propane is in short supply and why prices for it have jumped.

When you read beyond the headlines, you’ll find there’s a pretty simple reason why propane prices have skyrocketed in the northeast and New England–it’s because of New York’s anti-fracking governor Andrew “the ditherer” Cuomo. He’s not only dithering about whether or not to allow fracking, he’s also dithering on whether or not to approve a new propane underground storage facility near Seneca Lake–what the industry terms a “critical” need to relieve propane supply issues in this part of the country. Here’s a good rundown on the current propane supply issues plaguing the U.S., including Cuomo’s hand in it…
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Inergy: Boycott NY Businesses that Support ‘Gas Free Seneca’

boycottIt’s interesting to MDN that when anti-fracking protesters call for boycotts of businesses that either support or (gasp) are part of the shale drilling industry, such a boycott is considered brave and courageous and a-OK. But when someone on the pro-drilling side suggests those who support fracking and the natural gas industry may want to boycott the businesses donating money and time to fight the natural gas industry, that’s “bullying” and mean and evil. Anyone else smell a hypocritical rat? We’re referring to a recent brouhaha over Inergy Midstream’s (now part of Crestwood Midstream) plan to develop a liquid propane storage facility using depleted salt caverns along the edge of Seneca Lake near Watkins Glen, NY. MDN has long covered the fight by Inergy to bring the only new storage facility proposed in the northeast (badly needed), and the people who want to stop it (see NY Protesters Arrested for Blocking NatGas Storage Facility).

In June, a VP for Inergy sent an email to 25 people suggesting they may want to boycott the businesses using their time and money to actively oppose the Inergy facility. Those businesses are part of the “Business Coalition” of the organization called Gas Free Seneca (GFS). The email sent by the Inergy VP–now six months old but but just coming to light–has GFS in a tizzy. GFS has responded with their own email that they are “extremely disturbed” by this “bullying” from Inergy. That is, GFS doesn’t like the shoe being on the other foot for a change (poor babies). We have the story of the email, and the list of the (current) 181 NY businesses that Inergy (and you) may want to consider boycotting…
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Walkin’ and Talkin’ and Prayin’…To Seneca Lake?

Saying that “every body of water has a spirit” and attempting to communicate with that spirit, later this week a small group of (wacko) anti-drillers intend to walk 80 miles around Seneca Lake, NY to pray to the lake spirit that no evil fracking comes to harm the little water nymphs that live in the lake. Or something like that.

We long ago gave up on trying to figure out these people…
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NY Anti-Drilling Protesters Jailed After Refusing to Pay Fine

Twelve protesters who suffer from what MDN calls FDS (Fracking Derangement Syndrome) were arrested in March for blocking the entrance to a legally operating facility near Watkins Glen, NY that will be used to store natural gas and propane in underground salt caverns (see NY Protesters Arrested for Blocking NatGas Storage Facility).

Three of the twelve have pleaded guilty and after refusing to pay a $375 fine were sentenced to 15 days in jail. They’ll get to have nice warm guest rooms in the clink in all likelihood heated by natural gas, and meals prepared by using natural gas. Do you think the irony will dawn on them as they sit there for two weeks? Nah, we didn’t think so either…

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NY Protesters Arrested for Blocking NatGas Storage Facility

Twelve protesters, no doubt suffering from FDS (Fracking Derangement Syndrome), illegally blocked the entrance to a depleted salt cavern near Watkins Glen, NY yesterday. They were arrested by local police. Inergy plans to turn the salt cavern into storage for liquefied natural gas (i.e., propane). The protesters believe storing natural gas in the facility will encourage fracking in New York, so they locked arms to stop trucks from entering or leaving the facility. Among the protesters was anti-drilling author and Ithaca College “distinguished scholar in residence” Sandra Steingraber.

The Inergy storage facility is the only planned new storage for natural gas in the entire northeast—something desperately needed. Rather than limit fracking, the protesters’ actions (if successful in stopping the facility) would cause the price of natural gas to go up for everyone throughout the northeast. The protesters don’t seem to care (and frankly don’t have a clue)…

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Anti-Drilling Protesters Arrested Near Watkins Glen, NY

Anti-drilling protesters in New York are increasingly becoming unhinged. Midstream company Inergy is working on a gas storage project near Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes region in New York. The $40 million project will create a storage and transfer station for natural gas and liquid petroleum in underground salt caverns near Seneca Lake. Are anti-drillers concerned that the facility will leak gas into the lake? Nope. They just hate fossil fuels period—and they think this facility will encourage more drilling and fracking in New York and Pennsylvania—so they oppose it.

Yesterday a couple of old hippies protesters handcuffed themselves to a fence at the facility. Here’s what happened:

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Free Wine for Anti-Frackers at Finger Lakes Event

Seeking to soften their image (as extremists) and win over a few more people with free wine, anti-frackers are holding another hippie-fest Big Splash event this Sunday along the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake, in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

According to the organizer, wine and music will make the dreary anti-fracking speeches they’ll have to endure go down just a little bit easier:

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Lots of Marcellus Leases Signed in “Shallow” Yates and Schuyler Counties in NY

At a recent presentation in Penn Yan and Watkins Glen, NY, Tony Ingraffea, professor at Cornell University, and Peter Landre, director of Yates County Cornell Cooperative Extension, said Yates and Schuyler Counties (NY) are not “ideal” for drilling in the Marcellus Shale because the shale deposit in those counties is relatively shallow. Even so, energy companies have signed a number of leases:

There are currently 1,342 signed gas leases in Yates County, from 2005 to 2009.  Colby Peterson, Yates County Soil and Water Conservation District technician, said the leases make up 20 percent, or 44,076 acres, of the acres in Yates County.

According to Lloyd Wetherbee, Schuyler County Soil and Water Conservation District technician, there are up to 50,000 acres leased in Schuyler, or 13 percent of the land in the county. Wetherbee said this equals between 1,600 to 1,700 leased parcels.*

*Dundee The Observer Review (Mar 23) – Marcellus Shale drilling: ‘Not ideal’ here