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Binghamton Natural Gas Summit: Millennium Pipeline President Richard Leehr

One of the speakers at the Natural Gas Development Summit held in Binghamton on March 18th was Richard Leehr, president of Millennium Pipeline (MP), a major natural gas pipeline running from Western New York State almost to New York City. What follows are MDN’s notes from his presentation. Unfortunately Millennium has a policy against sharing […]

SRBC Fines Southwestern Energy $50K for Lack of Proper Approvals

Although the details are somewhat slim in the newspaper account, the known facts are that Southwestern Energy started construction on a well conductor pipe at a site in Wyalusing Township (Bradford County, PA) in early January, before the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) had given its approval for said construction—something required by law. So the […]

Breaking News: PA Supreme Court Rules Against Landowner Seeking to Invalidate Lease

Last year, Susquehanna County landowner Herbert Kilmer sued ElexCo Land Services Inc. and Southwestern Energy Production to invalidate his lease. The reason? He said that by deducting drilling costs from his royalty payments, his payments fell below Pennsylvania’s law that a minimum one-eighth share of royalties are guaranteed to the landowner. A Susquehanna County judge […]

Lackawanna College, PA College of Technology Offer Programs to Train Marcellus-Related Workers

Colleges in Pennsylvania are adding programs to train workers for Marcellus Shale jobs. And a lot of workers will be required. MDN wrote about the presentation by Larry Michael (Pennsylvania College of Technology, PCT) and James Ladlee (Penn State Cooperative Extension) at the Binghamton Natural Gas Development Summit and their study that says every well […]


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