OGA 3: Market Update – Greg Lorson, TEEMCO

Market Update: An Overview Of The Environmental Regulations Affecting Air, Water and Rail

  • Looking forward to challenges and opportunities for the Oil & Gas industry
  • Assessing the impact of environmental regulations
  • Achieving environmental compliance in the face of continued production expansion

Greg Lorson, Chief Executive Officer, TEEMCO
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OGA 7: Panel Discussion – Environmental Protection

Panel IV: Environmental Protection, Regulation and Compliance

  • Specifying the bodies responsible for drilling & pipeline regulation in the Marcellus and Utica
  • Evaluating efforts to overcome negative views of shale development by groups such as the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD)
  • Preparing for the new EPA air pollution rules for drillers in 2015 – what do companies need to do to achieve compliance
  • Tips for better soil erosion control with well pad and pipeline construction
  • Assessing the industry impact on local wildlife: how can companies avoid permanently harming species and their habitats?
  • Presenting results from the PA DEP air pollution study
  • Evaluating the impact of radiation in shale cuttings and best practice for their management and disposal
  • Does radon level in Marcellus Shale pose a health risk for consumers who burn gas?
  • Debating the role the federal government should play in regulating shale drilling
  • Discussing the potential impact of the proposed changes to the Chapter 78 regulations
  • Detailing the requirements in the Rocky Mountains for sourcing, recycling and disposing of water

Moderator: Michael L. Krancer, Energy, Petrochemical and Natural Resources Practise Group Leader, Blank Rome LLP
Speakers: Nathan S. Bennett, Regulatory Manager, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Greg Lorson, Chief Executive Officer, TEEMCO
Scott Perry, Deputy Secretary, Office of Oil and Gas Management, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
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