Lancaster OH Commissioner Says Bluegrass Pipeline was Trigger-Happy

Lancaster (Fairfield County), OH Commissioner Steve Davis is also an attorney who represents landowners who sign leases to allow pipelines to cross their property. Davis has been around the block a few times and has brokered numerous deals with different pipeline companies–so he’s well qualified to offer an opinion about the now delayed, and possibly cancelled, Bluegrass Pipeline project from Williams and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners. Davis isn’t shy about his opinion, saying Williams didn’t have a good strategy for the way they were buying leases for the Bluegrass–calling them “trigger-happy,” changing strategy every few weeks.

Davis also offered up some numbers as to how high (per acre) some landowners received for Bluegrass signing bonuses–numbers that make the best Utica lease bonuses look like pocket change…
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OH Airport Receives $450K Check to Allow Ethane Pipeline

In early December, MDN told you about a deal the Fairfield County (Ohio) Airport was contemplating to allow the ATEX Express ethane pipeline to be built under airport property (see ATEX Express Ethane Pipeline Will Pay OH Airport $450K). Fairfield County commissioners signed the deal yesterday and received a check for $450,000.

What do the commissioners plan to spend the money on, and when will construction on the pipeline under airport property begin?…

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ATEX Express Ethane Pipeline Will Pay OH Airport $450K

The Appalachia-to-Texas (ATEX) Express Pipeline, a 1,230 mile ethane pipeline which will run from the Marcellus and Utica region to the Gulf Coast is about to ink a deal with Fairfield County, OH Airport to allow the pipeline to run under airport property. If the deal is signed, as expected in the near future, the airport will receive $450,000 to allow the pipeline under its property.

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