VA DEQ Stops Works on Tiny 2-Mile Segment of Mountain Valley Pipe

It appears the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has become politicized. Why is it that leftists (like Va. Gov. Ralph Northam) politicize what are supposed to be impartial government agencies? The DEQ has issued a “stop work” order to Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) for construction activities along a tiny two-mile stretch in Montgomery County. Fine, if there are issues, stop the work. It’s the highly politicized and inappropriate press release the DEQ issued that accompanied the stop work order we object to.
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Left-Wing Radical Arrested, Removed from MVP Excavator in Va.


A long-haired hippie chained himself to the top of an excavator being used to construct the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) last Friday in Montgomery County, Va. He stopped construction for six hours. A small group of radicalized protesters stood nearby using megaphones to shout support for their comrade and to hurl foul language against workers building the pipeline (typical antis). Around midday, Virginia State Police used a lift to reach and remove the hippie, promptly arresting him.
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Radicals Continue Tree Sitting >200 Days in SW VA to Protest MVP

We thought the tree sitting weirdos trying to illegally block construction of Equitrans’ Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) in Virginia had long returned to earth. But as we reported in early March, there are still a couple of wackos sitting, still engaging in a crime, in Montgomery County, VA (see Still a Few “Tree Sitters” Left Blocking Section of MVP in Va.). An illegal out-of-towner from Texas (24 years old) has now been up his tree for over 200 days and counting.
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Still a Few “Tree Sitters” Left Blocking Section of MVP in Va.

We thought the tree sitting weirdos trying to block construction of Equitrans’ Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) in Virginia had long returned to earth. The last of the sitters, at least in Franklin County, VA, came down last May (see Last MVP Tree Sitter in Franklin Co. Comes Down, Trees Cut). What we didn’t know is that there are at least two other sitters in Montgomery County, VA–one of whom has been up a tree for more than five months.
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2 New Protesters Take to Trees in Va. to Stop Mountain Valley Pipe

Tree sitters protest the Mountain Valley Natural Gas Pipeline, Sept. 5, 2018 (Photo courtesy Lauren Bowman)

We thought we had seen the last of Big Green protesters with names like “Ink,” “Sprout,” “Red,” “Nutty,” “Fern” and “Decard” illegally sitting in the tops of trees (or on poles) in Virginia as a tactic to prevent Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) from cutting trees along the path of the pipeline. Nope. We have two more: “Lauren” and “Nettle.” Two youngsters (early 20s) have built themselves a make-shift tree house in Montgomery County, VA.–in the path of trees that are due to be cut down for MVP. Draping a banner that says, “No Prisons, No Pipelines” (whatever that means), the two nutjobs say they pick and choose which laws they want to obey. Which is called anarchy. But that’s their philosophy. They don’t agree with the law that says EQT Midstream has the right to build MVP, so they’re illegally attempting to stop it. As near as we can tell, they’ll have a long wait. Due to federal laws protecting bats and other so-called endangered species, MVP can’t cut those trees until November. At least that’s our understanding. At any rate, we now have two more protesters who will need to be starved or otherwise forced out the trees. When that finally happens (as it will), the police need to send a bill for their services to the protesters, not MVP…
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