OOGA Report on Ohio Utica Drilling for 2012 – Charts & Maps

do not miss this At the recent winter meeting of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, OOGA presented the DeBrosse Memorial Report: 2012 Oil and Gas Activity in Ohio. Chock-full of interesting charts and maps showing who drilled wells in Ohio, where they drilled them and how far (distance) the wells were drilled, the report (full copy embedded below) is a must-read if you have an interest in the Utica Shale.

A few highlights:

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East Resources Responds to Unflattering WSJ Article on Violations

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published a story titled “As Big Drillers Move In, Safety Goes Up.” The premise and tone of the article is that in the early days of Marcellus Shale drilling, there were many smaller, less-experienced companies drilling in the Marcellus–companies not as safety conscious and careful as the big boys. Now that the big boys have arrived, safey and accidents are down–way down.

The opening few paragraphs are none too flattering to one company in particular–East Resources. East is still around, although they sold their Marcellus operation to Shell in 2010. The WSJ article opens this way:

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GASLAND vs FrackNation: Josh Fox Refuses to Debate Phelim McAleer

The Delaware Valley Marcellus Association (DVMA) is sponsoring a screening of the excellent documentary film FrackNation at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute on April 10 (Philadelphia, see this calendar announcement for details). As part of the screening event, DVMA invited Josh Fox, creator/producer/director of the documentary GASLAND to attend the screening and debate FrackNation creator Phelim McAleer. Apparently Fox is a coward and not willing to defend his work–he refuses to respond or even acknowledge the invitation from DVMA.

Yesterday, the DVMA issued the following press release/open letter to Fox:

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“Faith” Group Lies About New Sustainable Shale Center, Fracking

MDN finds it particularly repugnant and hypocritical for so-called “faith groups” to use religion to jusify their twisted anti-fossil fuel philosophies. Shame on them for misusing religion in such a way. It’s disgusting.

One such disgusting group, Faith Communities Together for Frack Awareness (FaCT), issued the following press release yesterday, questioning the creation of the Center for Sustainable Shale Development and in general denigrating the miracle of hydraulic fracturing:

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JLCNY (Politely) Tells Cuomo to Wise Up and Look at PA

The president of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (and MDN friend) Dan Fitzsimmons published an op-ed in yesterday’s Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Without naming names (cough *Cuomo* cough), Dan says “New Yorkers” should look to our neighbors just across the border to the south for examples of what can happen when safe natural gas drilling is allowed. He provides some startling facts and figures…

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DOI Slaps Chesapeake with $765K Fine for Underpaying Royalties

The U.S. Dept. of Interior (DOI) has accused Chesapeake Energy of underpaying oil and gas royalties due to DOI for drilling on federal lands and has slapped Chessy with a $765,000 fine. Chessy says there has been no intentional shorting of royalty payments and if you add up the total amount in question, it’s less than $500–little more than a rounding error on the purchase of paperclips for DOI.

DOI says Chessy has a history of “inaccurate reporting” when it comes to royalty reporting:
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Rex Energy Goes to the Bank, Walks Out with $85M

Rex Energy, an independent oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company headquartered in State College, PA focuses their drilling on the Marcellus/Utica Shale region. Rex announced on Monday they’ve expanded their credit line at the bank–from $240 million in borrowing capacity to $325 million (an $85 million increase). What does it mean?…

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Chesapeake Innovates New Way to Move Utica Rigs Twice as Fast

Chesapeake Energy publishes a quarterly newsletter (more like a magazine) called The Play. The latest issue, Winter 2013 (released earlier this year, full issue embedded below) contains two interesting and important stories that relate to the Utica Shale. The feature story starting on page 3, “Poised for Success,” focuses on Chesapeake’s Ohio Utica Shale program. The article says Chessy’s previously drilled Utica wells should be online starting in February since new pipelines to transport liquids for processing have recently been installed. The article also says Chessy expects they will eventually drill around 13,000 wells in the Ohio Utica on their 1.6 million leased acres.

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Landmen Operating in Maryland Will Soon Have to Regi$ter

Maryland State Sen. George Edwards (Republican) has introduced a bill that will make it crime for anyone to negotiate mineral leases with landowners unless they are first registered with the state as a landman. The same bill has already passed the state House of Delegates with a 135-0 vote in March. In other words, if you’re a landman operating in Maryland, get ready to pay…
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Encore Energy Shops Utica Shale Leases at NAPE East

Encore Energy, Inc. specializes in “lease acquisition and development of the Utica Shale play and other oil and gas projects in Ohio.” Think of Encore as a real estate agent for leases. Encore issued a press release yesterday to get some attention on Utica Shale properties they are “shopping”–looking for drilling companies who want to buy the leases. Encore will shop their leases at the upcoming NAPE East event in Pittsburgh next week. (Note: MDN editor Jim Willis is attending NAPE East, hanging out at the Shale Daily booth, #205. Please stop by if you’re at the show and introduce yourself!)

The interesting part of the Encore press release, which is why we’re bringing it to your attention, is the per-acre asking price Encore lists for Utica Shale properties in Guernsey, Noble and Morgan counties (Ohio):
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