Orion Drilling Sued EQT for Canceling 2 Rigs, EQT Won

EQT contracted two drilling rigs from Orion Drilling in 2014 that later, in 2015 and 2016, experienced trouble–like a 50,000-pound drilling block slamming to the ground kind of trouble. EQT canceled the contract and would no longer use the two rigs. Orion sued claiming breach of contract. A jury decided EQT was in the right by canceling the contract. Orion asked a judge to overturn the jury decision and order a new trial. Yesterday the judge refused, meaning the jury decision stands and Orion now owes EQT $2.8 million to cover EQT’s attorneys’ fees and costs. Ouch, that didn’t go as planned.
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GDS Intl Adopts GE Software to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs

You may not think that computer software would have much to do with drilling holes in the ground and extracting natural gas and oil. But you would be wrong. If you ever visit a drilling rig and are fortunate enough to make a visit to “the dog house,” which is the equivalent of a jetliner cockpit where the rig is controlled by high-powered computers (and software), you’ll quickly understand how high-tech drilling has become. But it’s not just controlling a rig where computers are used in the oil and gas business–they’re used throughout the business. In fact there is software that, well, monitors other software. GE (nee General Electric) has a software offering that monitors drilling rigs and other equipment at drill sites. At least that’s how we understand it. GE issued a press release yesterday to tout the fact that GDS (Global Drilling Support) International is using GE’s “Equipment Insight” solution at rigs in both the Marcellus and Utica Shale in a six-month pilot program to squeeze ever more efficiency from the drilling process…
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OGA 4: Panel Discussion – Drilling & Completions

Panel II: Drilling and Completions

  • Lowering the cost to drill: How to make money when gas sells for $1.50 Mcf
  • Analyzing the potential of self-sufficient power: The change from diesel to natural gas-powered drilling rigs
  • Increasing production with fewer rigs: how shale drilling has changed the rules of the game
  • Addressing the challenge of sourcing water: Are new pipelines a financially and environmentally viable alternative to transport by truck?
  • Evaluating the role of wastewater: Recycling, injection wells and barging
  • Assessing the impact of monster wells: a look at some of the most productive wells on earth, located in the Marcellus & Utica Shale region
  • Comparing wet and dry gas drilling – what are their comparative strengths and weaknesses?
  • Illustrating the current landscape of acreage positions by E&Ps for both the Marcellus & Utica

Moderator: Jim Willis, Editor, Marcellus Drilling News
Speakers: Eric Luckey, Completions Engineer, Noble Energy
Dennis Degner, Director of Operations, Range Resources
Brett Schellenberg, Marketing Executive, Orion Drilling
Bryan Dickson, North East Division Engineering, FTS International
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