Join MDN at RBN Energy’s “Summer in the City” Event July 23 – NYC

join usMDN invites you to join us in attending RBN Energy’s “State of the Energy Markets” one-day event in New York City on July 23. Before you hurry to say “yes,” a few caveats. It costs money (a lot of it). It’s aimed at executives working in the industry, as well as traders and investors. If that describes you (and we know that many of you read MDN), you may be interested in attending. We guarantee it will be a great event. Rusty Braziel & company will provide an overview of the key issues facing natural gas, NGLs and the crude oil market. They will explain how the markets for those three commodities interact and affect each other. They will also take a look at prices, where they may be heading, and how infrastructure affects price. If you are really “into energy” as we are, this is a must attend event. Details are below, along with a link to register…

soem-logoNew York City / Thursday July 23, 2015 / 8am To 5pm
Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Summer In The City!

Lower Production Growth, Stranded Costs And Market Implications

RBN has launched a new series of conferences called State of the Energy Markets. These are one-day events, jam packed with every bit of energy fundamentals data that we can cram into eight hours. Our State of The Energy Markets conferences are designed to provide (a) an overview of the key issues facing natural gas, NGL and crude oil markets, (b) the dynamics of interactions across the three markets, and (c) what the issues mean for production volumes, prices and infrastructure. The conferences start with the big picture but then dig into the details of market behavior, including one or more conference themes.

Our first State of the Energy Markets conference is scheduled for July 23rd in New York City. It is being held at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel from 8am to 5pm, and there will be a cocktail reception following the conference.

Our unofficial name for this conference is ‘Summer in the City’ and the theme is: Lower Production Growth, Stranded Costs and Market Implications. Expectations for continuing rampant production growth for natural gas, NGLs and crude oil have evaporated in the heat of the price melt-down. Volumes may be holding their own, even with 60% less rigs running, but the days of month-after-month record increases in production are behind us, at least for a while. But what about all that infrastructure that has been and continues to be built? Billions of dollars are going into pipelines, processing plants, petrochemical plants, terminals, storage, etc. based on a much higher production growth scenario than now looks likely. So what happens next?

Conference fees and other details are available in the Conference Brochure (below).


More details and to register: