EVEP Wants to Sell Interest in Utica East Ohio/More Utica Acreage

EV Energy Partners (EVEP) is a master limited partnership, or MLP, which distributes profits to “unit holders” instead of plowing profits into more projects. They like to invest in mature, already drilled wells and pipeline companies–things that act like an annuity throwing off profit with very little risk. Over the years EVEP amassed a huge amount of acreage in Ohio–before the Utica was known–mostly for conventional (vertical only) wells. However, some of that property is in prime Utica territory–so EVEP has been looking, since 2009, to sell it. They reiterated that in November (see EVEP Selling More Ohio Utica Acreage in 2015). There’s another fleeting reference to selling more Utica leases in EVEP’s fourth quarter 2014/guidance for 2015 press release issued yesterday. The “new news” (for us) in yesterday’s announcement is that EVEP plans to sell their 21% interest in Utica East Ohio–a midstream/pipeline company operating in Ohio…
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Behind the Scenes at UEO Buckeye’s Kensington, OH Cryo Plant

MDN friend and ace reporter Bob Downing (Akron Beacon Journal) recently went on a field trip to visit the Utica East Ohio Buckeye Midstream Kensington (Columbiana County), OH. The $400 million cryogenic plant processes natural gas, separating methane–or what we think of as natural gas–from “wet gas” compounds like ethane and butane.

Ever wondered what it would be like to visit a processing plant? Bob filed this “behind the scenes” report for the Beacon Journal:
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Access Midstream Will Invest $3.8B in Marcellus/Utica by End 2015

Access Midstream Partners is heavily involved with the pipeline/processing plant infrastructure buildout happening in both the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. Access is the lead company in the joint venture known as Cardinal Gas Services (the other partners being TOTAL and EnerVest), and an important partner in Utica East Ohio Buckeye (along with M3 Midstream and EnerVest). According to Access CEO Mike Stice on an investors call yesterday, his company’s total investment in the Marcellus Shale by the end of 2015 will be $1.8 billion, and the total investment in the Utica will be $2 billion.

A combined $3.8 billion investment in the northeast spanning 2012-2015–from one company. Simply astonishing! Here’s a few highlights from Stice’s talk yesterday…
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Gov. Kasich “Turns the Valves” at Scio Fractionation Plant

MDN told you that Ohio Gov. John Kasich went foreigner-hunting on Monday and was glad to find no “foreigners” (i.e. out-of-state workers) lurking around the Hickory Bend processing plant in Mahoning County that he was visiting for a dedication ceremony (see OH Gov. Kasich Dedicates Hickory Bend Plant, No Foreigners Found). While he was in the general neighborhood, Gov. Kasich also slipped over to Harrison County on Monday to check out the Scio fractionation plant (now being called the Harrison Hub), to see if there were any foreigners hiding there. Nope! A banner day for Gov. Kasich!

The Scio plant, built by the Utica East Ohio Buckeye joint venture (M3 Midstream, Access Midstream and EnerVest) held a “turn the valves” dedication on Monday to take advantage of Kasich being in the area. Phase 2 of the plant went online in July adding an additional 45,000 barrels per day of NGL processing capacity. Phase 3 is now being build and due to go online in early 2014. Highlights from the Kasich visit and more details about the plant from UEO officials…
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NiSource & M3 Do a Deal to Process/Sell NGLs in Eastern Ohio

An important announcement yesterday for drillers (and landowners) in the northern portion of the Ohio Utica Shale play: Pennant Midstream announced they are building a 38-mile natural gas liquids (NGL) pipeline from the Pennant-owned Hickory Bend cryogenic processing plant (in Mahoning County, OH) to the Utica East Ohio Midstream-owned Kensington cryogenic processing plant (in Columbiana County, OH). Pennant says initially they will ship 90,000 barrels per day through the new pipeline.

Why is Pennant with its own processing plant sending NGLs to another (competitor’s) processing plant? Good question…
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Ohio RR Company Signs Deal with Utica East to Ship NGLs

Utica East Ohio Midstream’s new $900 million natural gas liquids (NGL) processing plant in Scio, Ohio is about to become connected—but not by pipelines alone. Genesee & Wyoming announced today that their subsidiary, Columbus & Ohio River Rail Road Company has signed a long-term agreement with Utica East to ship some 10,000 carloads of NGLs annually. The new NGL processing plant is due to go online in May 2013.

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