FERC Grants Favorable EIS to Jacksonville, FL LNG Export Facility

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Is there a connection between a new LNG export facility on the East Coast, all the way down in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Marcellus/Utica? Indeed there is! In January 2017, Eagle LNG filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to build a new LNG export facility at a site on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville. The LNG produced at the facility will be transported to markets in the Caribbean and Latin America for power generation, and also delivered to local and regional markets, including marine bunkering and high horsepower applications–LNG used right here at home. Last Friday FERC issued a favorable draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the project, which means FERC plans to grant final approval. Below we connect the dots for how Marcellus/Utica gas will be some of the gas feeding this new plant.
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Trump Plans to Nominate Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator

Andrew Wheeler

We admit that we are conflicted about Andrew Wheeler, the acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). On one hand he appears to be following President Trump’s lead and is working hard to roll back, defang, and otherwise file down some of the very sharp regulatory teeth added to the agency during the disastrous Obama years. Wheeler says he’s in the job to help President Trump and further Trump’s agenda at the agency. We believe him. On the other hand, Wheeler has worked in Washington pretty much his whole professional life, in and out of government, and is attempting to make peace with leftist Democrats who populate the rank and file workers at the EPA. That is, he’s attempting to placate swamp dwellers–instead of draining the stagnant swamp (i.e. firing them). That’s a mistake. A big mistake. Because those swamp dwellers will continue to undercut Wheeler at every turn. But Trump likes Wheeler and the job he’s done since the unceremonious exit of Scott Pruitt, hounded out by political enemies (like the Washington Post and Athens News). On Friday, Trump said he plans to nominate Wheeler to permanently take the position. Yes, we’re conflicted.
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Virginia Gov. Northam Replaces Regulators Before Compressor Vote

There is a fascinating bit of politics playing out in Virginia. The state’s previous governor, Terry McAuliffe, favored pipeline projects like EQT’s Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). What’s strange about McAuliffe’s support is that he’s a far-left Democrat. Yet he resisted calls from his nutroots base to shut both pipeline projects down. McAuliffe was replaced in January 2018 by Ralph Northam, another liberal Democrat (lib Dems get elected in Virginia because of a high population of libs who live around the D.C. area). Once again the nutters came out in force to pressure the new governor to oppose MVP and ACP. And once again, the new governor is not caving to the pressure. In fact, Gov. Northam has just canned two board members who voted to delay a vote on an ACP compressor station!
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Ohio EPA Considers Converting Class II Injection Wells to Class I

Buckeye Brine, a relatively young Ohio-based company, owns and operates three shale wastewater injection wells in Coshocton County. Buckeye has operated their three Class II (as they are known) injection wells “flawlessly” for the past five years. No earthquakes. No spills. No leaks back to the surface. Nothing. Buckeye now wants to re-designate two of the three wells as Class I wells, which would allow them to accept non-shale wastewater–from industrial equipment operators, soap manufacturers, food processors, power plants, and municipal wastewater treatment plants. But antis are kicking up a fuss, claiming the change will pollute everything and everyone from here to Timbuktu. Fortunately state regulators are not swayed by such histrionics. The Ohio EPA is accepting public comments on the conversion until Nov. 26. There’s still time to write in and support the project!
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Massachusetts Antis Demand Gov Baker Block New NatGas Projects

You know that new housing development that just sprung up in a Massachusetts city suburb? Don’t buy a house in it, because chances are they won’t be getting new natural gas pipes run to them any time soon. That is, if a group of local boards of health have anything to say about it. A group of 77 local boards recently sent a letter to Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker asking him to stop cold any new natural gas projects until after a full blown study is done on the “safety” of natural gas infrastructure. They’re attempting to use the Columbia Gas of Massachusetts tragedy north of Boston in mid-September to block new gas infrastructure (see Local NatGas Pipes Explode Near Boston Killing 1, Injuring 25). It’s a naked attempt to shut down new natgas pipelines–anywhere, for any reason. And that includes small delivery lines to local homes and businesses. Fascism raises its ugly head once again in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.
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Cuomo Driving the Final Nail in the Coffin of NY’s Oil & Gas Industry

Does the oil and gas industry in New York State even matter anymore? Well, yes, it does! It employs a number of people and produces oil and gas to feed our economy. Although Andrew Cuomo has single-handedly sentenced upstate residents to generational poverty by denying them the opportunity to allow shale drilling, there is a rich history of conventional drilling for oil and gas in the state. But now, even the conventional industry is under assault and attack by Cuomo and his lackeys at the Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC). How? The DEC has unveiled what IOGA of NY calls “devastating proposed air regulations”–regulations that will shut down many o&g operators in the Empire State. IOGA calls it a “regulatory assault.” We call New York State the Empire Crumbling State.

[UPDATE: MDN, in an attempt to draw attention to this issue, a very important issue, may have left the wrong impression with our headline. The conventional oil and gas industry in NY is far from dead, and IS worth fighting for! Which is the purpose of this post: To encourage those who care to fight. To make your voice heard in letting the DEC know their latest rules will harm an important industry/sector of NY, without actually improving the environment.]
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Energy Stories of Interest: Mon, Nov 19, 2018

The “best of the rest”–stories that caught MDN’s eye that you may be interested in reading: Sunoco responds to questions about safety for Mariner East 2; PA Game Commission accepting comments on proposal to list 3 bat species as endangered; ND oil, gas industry breaks ‘virtually every record’ in latest report; U.S. Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren to host hearing to roast Columbia Gas re tragedy; NYMEX December natural gas contract bounces back 23.4 cents to settle at $4.272/MMBtu; Natural gas: Another alternative auto fuel; Big Oil’s shale revival prompts industry doubts: Fuel for thought; GECF secretary general predicts growth in natural gas; China guarantees natural gas supply to avoid winter shortages; China’s ‘truce deal’ includes offer to buy more US natural gas, improve IPR protection.
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