DTE Energy Analyst Call: Utica/Marcellus Big Part of Co’s Future

DTE Energy is a major utility and midstream company headquartered in Detroit, MI. DTE is part owner of the Millennium Pipeline across NY, sole owner of the Bluestone Gathering system in Susquehanna County, PA, and partner in the NEXUS Pipeline planned to cross OH. DTE is also the part owner of the Vector Pipeline, a pipeline that until recently has moved gas from Chicago (coming from Canada) to storage facilities in Michigan. A number of shippers have stopped using Vector for that purpose and it will now be used to flow Utica Shale gas, delivering it to both the NEXUS Pipeline and to Energy Transfer Partners’ ET Rover pipeline. According to DTE officials on an analyst call last Friday, the Utica and Marcellus Shale play a big role in the company’s future. Below we’ve extracted the juicy bits from the analyst call touching on the Utica/Marcellus, NEXUS and Vector pipelines, and how company officials say it all ties together…
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NEXUS Gas Pipeline Pre-Files with FERC, New Details Come to Light

but wait there's moreIn September 2012, three companies–DTE Energy, Spectra Energy and Enbridge–formed a joint venture to build a new Utica Shale pipeline from Ohio through Michigan and eventually into Canada, delivering Utica Shale gas to Midwestern markets (see New Utica Shale Pipeline to Midwest Announced). The new pipeline, called NEXUS Gas Transmission, will cost $1.5 billion to build, begin in Columbiana County, OH and cross through 11 Ohio counties and 3 Michigan counties in total (see list below). Some of the details were revealed last year when the Akron Beacon Journal filed an open records request (see OH Route of Proposed NEXUS Gas Pipeline Revealed). On December 30, NEXUS finally filed what’s called a “pre-filing” with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). We have a copy of that pre-filing document below, along with extracts (new details) and a new map showing where the pipeline is due to go…
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DTE Expanding NEPA Pipeline System for Southwestern Energy

DTE Energy and Southwestern Energy Co. signed an agreement yesterday to “significantly expand” their relationship in northeast Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County area. DTE provides gathering pipelines for Southwestern’s wells in Susquehanna County. Southwestern, along with Cabot Oil & Gas, is a top producer in Susquehanna County. The agreement calls for DTE to increase “gathering assets by approximately 50 percent in Susquehanna County” by 50%–meaning build new gathering pipelines. DTE will also increase the capacity of their Bluestone Pipeline which connects to both the Millennium Pipeline (in Broome County, NY) and to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (in Susquehanna County). Here’s the announcement from yesterday…
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Cabot, Southwestern Contract for More Pipeline Capacity in NEPA

An unexpected and pleasant surprise: Cabot Oil & Gas and Southwestern Energy are producing so much Marcellus gas in Susquehanna County, PA (northeastern part of the state), they need extra pipeline takeaway capacity. Even with the forthcoming Constitution pipeline (see New Marcellus Constitution Pipeline Announces “Final” Route), more capacity is still needed. Enter DTE Energy and their Bluestone Pipeline, which is about to get a major expansion…
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NEXUS Pipeline Route Through Stark County, OH

Last week MDN told you about the proposed Ohio route of the planned NEXUS Gas Transmission natural gas pipeline, a $1.5 billion project that will run from Ohio to Michigan and eventually to Canada–delivering Utica Shale gas to Midwestern markets (see OH Route of Proposed NEXUS Gas Pipeline Revealed). Ever so gradually more pieces of the puzzle are falling into place on where, exactly, the pipeline will run. In a Stark County, OH article, for example, we learn the strategy is to use existing power line rights of way and the new pipeline will likely cross through Washington, Nimishillen, Marlboro and Lake townships in Stark on its way from Kensington–where the new M3 Midstream gas processing plant is almost ready to go online.

Here’s the Stark County piece of the NEXUS pipeline route puzzle:
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OH Route of Proposed NEXUS Gas Pipeline Revealed

Last September MDN told you about a new $1.5 billion Utica Shale natural gas pipeline that would run from Ohio through Michigan and eventually into Canada, delivering Utica Shale gas to Midwestern markets (see New Utica Shale Pipeline to Midwest Announced). The project is called the NEXUS Gas Transmission (NGT) pipeline and is being built by DTE Energy, Enbridge amd Spectra Energy. Since the pipeline was announced, we’ve had precious few details on the proposed route. Until now…
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Nexus NatGas Pipeline to Run Through Akron/Canton Area

Last September MDN told you about a newly announced major Utica Shale natural gas pipeline that would run from Ohio through Michigan and into Canada (see New Utica Shale Pipeline to Midwest Announced). The project, called the Nexus Gas Transmission system, is a joint venture between DTE Energy, Spectra Energy and Enbridge. Although details of its planned route have still not been disclosed, the Akron Beacon Journal is reporting the pipeline will run through several communities in the Akron-Canton area.

An update on the project from the Beacon Journal:
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Bluestone Gathering Pipeline Gets NY Approval

MDN friend Andy Leahy, intrepid writer of the NY Shale Gas Now blog site, has returned! Yeah! Andy’s first post since being back from a several month hiatus is an important one—one that somehow slipped by the MDN radar. The Bluestone Pipeline, a 37-mile gathering line that runs through Susquehanna County, PA and into Broome County, NY (Town of Sanford) connecting to both the Millennium and the Tennessee interstate pipelines received approval from New York State. (See this MDN story for background on the Bluestone Pipeline.)

Andy reports the developer plans to break ground in New York as early as October 20. For a full analysis and rundown on the project now that it’s moving forward, see Andy’s post by clicking the link below.

*NY Shale Gas Now (Oct 9, 2012) – Bluestone Pipeline Green-Lighted; Local Press Still Asleep at Keyboards

Surprise! EcoNuts Object to Proposed Utica Shale Pipeline

On Tuesday MDN brought you the news of a major new Utica Shale gas pipeline that will be built from Ohio through Michigan and into Canada by DTE Energy, Enbridge Inc. and Spectra Energy Corp (see this MDN story). It didn’t take long for anti-drillers, like EcoWatch, to announce their opposition.

This is what passes for news on MSNBC:

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New Utica Shale Pipeline to Midwest Announced

Three companies have formed a joint venture to build a new Utica Shale pipeline from Ohio through Michigan and eventually into Canada, delivering Utica Shale gas to Midwestern markets. The three companies are DTE Energy—a Detroit-based energy company, Enbridge—Canada’s largest natural gas distribution company, and Spectra Energy—one of North America’s largest pipeline companies and a member of the Fortune 500 list. The partners plan an open season to lock in customers for the new pipeline later this year. The pipeline won’t be built and in service until late 2015 at the earliest.

From the joint press release issued this morning:

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DTE Moves Forward with Bluestone Gathering Pipeline in NE PA

In July of 2011 DTE Energy announced they would file to build a 37-mile natural gas gathering pipeline through the Town of Sanford (Broome County, NY) as well as the towns of New Milford, Harford, Thompson, Jackson, Lenox and Harmony in Susquehanna County, PA. Dubbed the Bluestone Pipeline, the new gathering pipeline will hook to Marcellus gas wells along its route and connect to both the Millennium and the Tennessee interstate pipelines. (A data sheet issued in July 2011 showing the route of the pipeline is embedded below.)

DTE, under their subsidiary Bluestone Gas Corporation, filed a proposal on August 9 to move forward with building the pipeline. The New York State Public Service Commission is now accepting public comment on the proposed pipeline and its route until August 31. From the Public Service Commission press release:

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