CPV Marcellus-Fired Power Plant in Cambria, PA Breaks Ground

CPV Fairview Energy Center – click for larger version

It took a few years, but Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) has finally broken ground and has begun to build a new Marcellus gas-fired power plant in Cambria County, PA. Located 60 miles east of Pittsburgh, the CPV Fairview Energy Center is a 1,050-megawatt natural gas and ethane-fueled two-by-one combined-cycle electric generating plant expected to begin commercial operations in early 2020. CPV held the groundbreaking ceremony at the site on Tuesday–a former brownfield site off Route 271 near Vinco in Jackson Township. President and CEO Gary Lambert said it “only” took three years to get through the permitting process, from conception to groundbreaking. That seems like two years too many to us, but hey, who are we? Local officials attended and are pumped. According to Bruce Baker, Jackson Township supervisors’ chairman, “This is arguably one of the biggest events that ever happened in Cambria County – especially Jackson Township, for sure.” The project will take 30 months to build, providing jobs for up to 500 people during construction, and when it’s done, the plant will power 1 million homes. All powered by Marcellus Shale gas…
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$700M CPV Power Plant in Cambria, PA Gets Ready to Break Ground

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It’s taken a few years, but we are now only a few months away from groundbreaking to build a new Marcellus gas-fired power plant in Cambria County, PA. Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) will build the $700 million CPV Fairview Energy Center off Route 271 near Vinco, in rural Jackson Township (see 2 Natgas-Fired Electric Power Plants Coming to Cambria County, PA). Last June the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) held a public hearing on an Air Quality Plan Approval Application for the project (see Voice Support for CPV NatGas Power Plant in Cambria County, PA). After securing financing and filling out a forest worth of paperwork, CPV Fairview Energy is almost ready to begin construction. What can the locals expect from this new plant? Perhaps a field trip to another CPV power plant, in New Jersey, can enlighten us…Continue reading

PA Launch 1st of 29 CNG Stations for Public Transit Buses

Yesterday Pennsylvania officials converged on Cambria County to unveil what is the first of 29 total CNG (compressed natural gas) fueling facilities that are being built in a public/private partnership for PA’s public bus transit fleet. Beginning this year and stretching through 2021, Trillium CNG will build and operate a total of 29 CNG fueling stations around the state. PA is paying Trillium, which is a subsidiary of Loves Travel Stops (see Love’s Travel Stops Buys Trillium CNG, Expands CNG Network), $84.5 million to build the stations. In addition to fueling public vehicles, some of the locations will be open to the public. Once the project is completed in 2021, those 29 CNG fueling stations will provide natgas for more than 1,600 CNG buses at transit agencies across the state–an important new market for homegrown, PA Marcellus Shale gas…
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Voice Support for CPV NatGas Power Plant in Cambria County, PA

Cambria County PA
Cambria County PA – Credit: Wikipedia

Anti fossil fuelers in Pennsylvania have gone so bizarrely off the rails they object to ANYTHING that uses, touches or mentions “natural gas.” They have, quite simply, left their senses. They are irrational. One of the latest examples is their total opposition to allowing new clean-burning natural gas-fired electric plants to be built. We told you in a companion story today that Elizabeth Township (near Pittsburgh) is refusing to site a natgas-fired electric plant on an old landfill site, suitable for no other purpose (see Elizabeth Twp Rejects Clean Invenergy Power Plant at Dump Site). The next battle will be at a hearing for a proposed plant in Cambria County. Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) is planning a $900 million natgas-fired power plant to be located off Route 271 near Vinco in Cambria County (see 2 Natgas-Fired Electric Power Plants Coming to Cambria County, PA). The PA Dept. of Environmental Protection will hold a hearing in Mineral Point next Tuesday on the proposed CPV project. It’s important for natural gas supporters to turn out and voice your support…
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2 Natgas-Fired Electric Power Plants Coming to Cambria County, PA

Cambria County PA
Cambria County, PA

KeyTex Energy, based in Greensburg (Westmoreland County), PA, wants to build a Marcellus gas-fired electric power plant in Cambria County at a former prison site. Regional power grid operator, PJM Interconnection, will need to weigh in on the project and determine whether or not electrical substation upgrades are needed. A second natgas-fired electric plant, planned by Competitive Power Ventures, is already much further along the curve with another planned power plant. The $900 million CPV plant will be located off Route 271 near Vinco in Cambria County. CPV is now putting out bids for the electricity it will produce, and getting ready to begin construction. If both of these projects get built in Cambria (a good chance they both will), they will use cheap, abundant and clean-burning natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica Shale. Electric generating plants are an important new market to sop up some of the overcapacity we have in the Marcellus/Utica. Here’s the low down on these two natgas electric plants being planned…
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New Marcellus-fired Electric Plant Coming to Cambria County, PA

We’ve heard plenty about Marcellus-powered electric generating plants in northeastern Pennsylvania (see Panda Power Building 3rd Marcellus-Fired Electric Plant in PA and Invenergy Buys Land in NEPA for Natgas Electric Generating Plant and 7 Small Marcellus-Powered Electric Plants Coming to NEPA). We’ve also heard about a string of new Marcellus-powered electric plants coming to West Virginia (see Big News: 3 More Marcellus-Powered Electric Plants Coming to WV). Plus there’s a batch of plants planned for Ohio, to tap into Utica Shale gas (see List of 6 New Natural Gas-Fired Electric Plants Coming to Ohio). We haven’t heard much about southwestern or south central PA as a potential site for a new electric generating plant…until now. A Boston company plans to build a new Marcellus-powered electric plant in Cambria County…
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Chevron Shops Another 11,700 Marcellus Acres in Central PA

Chevron continues to pare back on its Marcellus Shale acreage. With nearly 700,000 Marcellus Shale acres under lease, what’s a few thousand acres here and there? The Pittsburgh Business Times noticed that Chevron has posted 11,700 acres in central PA up for sale. You may recall Chevron previously shopped 17,000 acres in the same region in February (see Chevron Selling 17K Marcellus Shale Acres, More Sales Coming). At that time the company said more sales would be coming, and well, here we are! We might chalk it up to Chevron simply actively managing their portfolio and tweaking the locations where they intend to drill. Except. Except they’re also cutting way back on personnel too (see Chevron Laying Off 23% of their Marcellus Workforce in Pittsburgh). So this may be just tweaking the portfolio, or it may be a trickle in what will become a steady stream of divestiture. We just don’t know at this point. Here’s the details as we know them about the current 11,700 acres up for sale…
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PA Gas Utility Approved to Provide Marcellus on Installment Plan

Residents in Cambria County, PA want some of that abundant, clean-burning and cheap Marcellus Shale natural gas to use for heating their homes. But you need a pipeline to your house in order to get it–and in many rural locations, like Cambria, pipelines would need to be built. Pipelines are expensive to build. Until now, residents who want natural gas would have to pay–up front–to have new pipelines built. It costs on the order of $20,000+ (per household) to build the necessary infrastructure–a cost out of reach for 99% of the people who want it. How do you bridge the gap? In the great American tradition, use the installment plan! Utility company Peoples Natural Gas (PNG), the local gas utility in Cambria, asked the PA Public Utility Commission to approve a plan that allows customers to pay over time. The PUC has appoved the plan. PNG’s plan will cost the average resident $70 per month for up to 25 years–approximately $55 per month to build the mainline pipeline to a community, and $15 per month to run lines to individual homes. It adds up to a potential $21K for each household, but spread across 25 years it’s not all that bad. Most, perhaps all, homes would end up saving money because using Marcellus Shale gas to heat with is so much cheaper than heating with oil and electricity…
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Chevron Selling 17K Marcellus Shale Acres, More Sales Coming

land for saleChevron, according to NGI’s Shale Plays Factbook, is the fourth largest acreage holder in the Marcellus Shale with some 700,000 acres. It appears Chevron is looking to sell off at least some of that acreage. MDN received an email notice (below) from EnergyNet, hired to broker a sale for two of what they say will be an eventual 12 tracks of Marcellus acreage that Chevron owns. The current two are located in Bedford, Blair and Cambria counties in Pennsylvania and represent just over 17,000 acres total. EnergyNet is accepting sealed bids on various tracks, some held by production, some not…
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Work Resumes on Frack Wastewater Plant in Cambria County, PA

Work is resuming on a new frack wastewater treatment facility in Johnstown (Cambria County), PA, according to the Aspen Fluid Logistics, the company building the plant. The project is expected to cost on the order of $100 million by the time it’s done, and create “hundreds of jobs.” However, the new plant has been plagued by delays due to permits and “financing.”

An update on the new plant and the latest guesstimate as to when it will be operational…
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PA Game Commission Gets Big Royalties on New State Land Leases

The Pennsylvania Game Commission voted on Wednesday to approve oil and gas drilling agreements on state land in five PA counties—some of the deals are new and some are extensions/renewals of existing deals. That’s newsworthy in and of itself (and sure to drive anti-drillers bonkers).

The news for landowners in this story, however, is the royalty percentages for the new land deals. Some impressive numbers:

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Seneca Resources Gives Johnstown TV Station an Eye & Earful

Recently Seneca Resources, a company that will turn 100 years old in March, gave Johnstown, PA WJAC-TV News a tour of what happens at a drill site. During the tour, WJAC got the real story of what goes on “behind the scenes” at a drilling company. They also got the real story about fracking. Refreshingly, WJAC reported it accurately!

Here’s what Seneca told WJAC:

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PA Counties Band Together for Grant to Create Marcellus Jobs

A regional economic development group made up of officials from Blair, Cambria, Somerset, Huntingdon, Fulton and Bedford counties in Pennsylvania is asking the state for a $700,000 grant to help them help businesses located in the southern Allegheny region identify new business opportunities in the shale gas drilling industry. The group hopes that their geography, strategically located between PA’s northeastern and southwestern Marcellus gas fields, will bring new business to the area, and along with that new business, more jobs.

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PA DEP, Marcellus Shale Coalition Admit Drilling Wastewater Likely Contaminating Drinking Water

There are 15 (of an original 27) municipal sewage treatment plants in Pennsylvania that still accept Marcellus Shale drilling wastewater. That is, until May 19 of this year.

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