PA Game Commission Gets Big Royalties on New State Land Leases

The Pennsylvania Game Commission voted on Wednesday to approve oil and gas drilling agreements on state land in five PA counties—some of the deals are new and some are extensions/renewals of existing deals. That’s newsworthy in and of itself (and sure to drive anti-drillers bonkers).

The news for landowners in this story, however, is the royalty percentages for the new land deals. Some impressive numbers:

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Seneca Resources Gives Johnstown TV Station an Eye & Earful

Recently Seneca Resources, a company that will turn 100 years old in March, gave Johnstown, PA WJAC-TV News a tour of what happens at a drill site. During the tour, WJAC got the real story of what goes on “behind the scenes” at a drilling company. They also got the real story about fracking. Refreshingly, WJAC reported it accurately!

Here’s what Seneca told WJAC:

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PA Counties Band Together for Grant to Create Marcellus Jobs

A regional economic development group made up of officials from Blair, Cambria, Somerset, Huntingdon, Fulton and Bedford counties in Pennsylvania is asking the state for a $700,000 grant to help them help businesses located in the southern Allegheny region identify new business opportunities in the shale gas drilling industry. The group hopes that their geography, strategically located between PA’s northeastern and southwestern Marcellus gas fields, will bring new business to the area, and along with that new business, more jobs.

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PA DEP, Marcellus Shale Coalition Admit Drilling Wastewater Likely Contaminating Drinking Water

There are 15 (of an original 27) municipal sewage treatment plants in Pennsylvania that still accept Marcellus Shale drilling wastewater. That is, until May 19 of this year.

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