Medina County, OH Antis Trot Out Home Rule Ballot Measure

In February the Ohio Supreme Court, once and for all, struck down so-called “home rule” legislation passed by local municipalities where anti-drillers are able to convince enough citizens to vote for it (see OH Supreme Court Strikes Down Home Rule in Gas Drilling Case). When it comes to creating local laws and zoning ordinances that prohibit or otherwise try to control oil and gas drilling, Ohio state law stipulates only the State regulates it–not towns and villages and cities. That’s the law, and that’s the law the Supreme Court upheld. So along comes Sustainable Medina County, a group of virulent anti-fossil fuelers, with a new petition to put yet another so-called home rule “bill of rights” measure on the ballot in November, this time in an attempt to stop the NEXUS pipeline. What would you call this new initiative in light of the Supreme Court’s decision? We’d call it stark, raving mad…
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Medina, OH Landowner Says He’ll Meet NEXUS Surveyors Packing Heat

Landowners in Medina County, OH received a letter from the NEXUS Pipeline a few weeks ago telling them that surveyors have the right to enter their property and conduct surveying–whether the landowner has granted permission or not. The letter said that landowners had until May 1 to sign a permission letter, and after that date surveyors would show up. A word of caution for NEXUS surveyors: York Township resident Walter Giebeler says he has a big gun collection with some nasty looking firearms and if surveyors show up on his property, the 80 year-old Giebeler is going to pay them a visit carrying several firearms as a means of threatening them…
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Medina County, OH Anti Group Targets Pipeline with “Bill of Rights”

Wacko fossil-fuel hating anti-drillers know the best way to strangle future drilling is to stop pipelines–so that’s where they now spend their time and effort. A new group of that ilk has sprung up in Medina County, OH. Calling themselves Sustainable Medina County, this small group of people is hoping to hoodwink 4,900 people in the county to sign a petition to get a measure on the ballot in November that would create a new county charter with a so-called bill of rights. It’s all hocus pocus aimed at giving elected county leaders the “right” to refuse pipelines from being built–something not in their Constitutional power to do. If the measure gets on the ballot and passes, county residents can expect their taxes to go up to pay big legal fees to defend such an action…
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CORNy Opposition to NEXUS Pipeline in Eastern Ohio

A group opposed to the NEXUS gas pipeline met over the weekend in Oberlin (Lorain County), Ohio in a “private strategy meeting” to plan how they will stop the pipeline from coming through their area in eastern Ohio–Lorain, Medina, Fulton, Lucas and Summit counties. The NEXUS, you may recall, is a 42-inch, $1.5 billion natural gas pipeline that will carry Utica and Marcellus Shale gas spanning 11 counties in Ohio, 3 counties in Michigan, and eventually connect to the Dawn Energy Hub in Canada (see NEXUS Gas Pipeline Pre-Files with FERC, New Details Come to Light). The small group meeting in Oberlin is trying to get the pipeline re-routed. They call their group CORN–or Coalition to Reroute NEXUS from Lorain, Medina, Fulton, Lucas and Summit counties…
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Handful of Medina, OH Anti-Drillers Oppose Ethane Pipeline

A handful of residents in Medina, OH are opposing an update to a pumping station that sits on the Mariner West pipeline. Sunoco Logistics owns and operates the pipeline which they are converting to handle ethane, a natural gas liquid. The plan is to pipe ethane from the Marcellus and Utica Shale region all the way to Sarnia (Ontario), Canada to an ethane cracker plant located there.

Local anti-drillers in Medina don’t like fracking (even though it’s perfectly safe) so they’ve decided to focus on stopping the pipeline as a deterrent to more fracking…
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Big OH Company Will Leave Town if Anti-Drilling Resolution Passes

Politicians in Brunswick, OH (near Cleveland) are about to learn a lesson the hard way. The Brunswick City Council intends to pass a resolution that calls shale gas drilling “risky” and asks the state legislature to allow local municipalities to ban it—the implication being they want to ban it in Brunswick. The resolution is outright anti-drilling and hostile to the drilling industry. If it passes, a large local company that’s been located in the city for 100 years says they’ll leave and take a huge chunk of tax revenue with them.

Philpott Rubber held a press conference to discuss their very serious threat. Philpott provides “environmentally friendly” products and services for shale drillers through their subsidiary Philpott Energy & Transportation Company. Philpott is planning a major expansion of their business due to an increase in drilling. If Brunswick persists in passing the resolution, Philpott will build a new wholesale operation outside the city, denying the city a boatload of tax money.

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Brunswick, OH (Almost) Thumbs Nose at State over Home Rule

In the latest dustup over “home rule,” city council members in Brunswick (Medina County), Ohio don’t like the state telling them they can’t regulate oil and gas drilling in their own borders. Unfortunately those same city council members don’t seem to know a thing about the miracle of hydraulic fracturing and they’re certainly not qualified to regulate it—but we digress.

Brunswick city council members were set to vote on a non-binding resolution on Monday telling Columbus to go take a hike, but Brunswick Mayor Gary Werner was the calmer head who prevailed. He talked council members into postponing a vote until the Feb. 11 meeting. Werner’s clear-headed reasoning: Why tell the drilling industry that’s transforming the economic landscape in Ohio that Brunswick isn’t interested in jobs or money from drilling?

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Flip Side: Some OH Utica Shale Wells Get Plugged/Abandoned

When it comes to drilling in the Ohio Utica Shale, a lot of attention has been focused on the ramp up in activity—the growing number of drilling rigs, huge land lease deals, and eye-popping initial production results for some of the wells drilled. But there is another side to the story.

Every now and again, a well does not produce. Could be the driller did not properly find the shale layer (extremely rare). Could be they did find it but for whatever reason the layer doesn’t produce in that area. More likely there were problems during the drilling that caused the work to be stopped—like a broken-off drill bit. In Ohio, there have been nine Utica Shale wells that have been plugged and abandoned (so far). Here’s where they are located and who did the drilling:

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The Best (and Not So Best) Utica Drilling Locations in Ohio

choosing the bestA recent shale gas conference held in Cambridge, Ohio on Nov. 10 turned up some surprising and interesting facts. One of those facts: Almost 100 percent of the land in Carroll County has been leased for possible Utica shale drilling, or is being held by production.

Here’s a few more interesting items from the conference, shared by a team from Ohio State University Extension (including where drilling is producing good results, and where it’s not):

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Devon Reports Disappointing Results in 2 NW OH Utica Wells

Devon Energy reports “not encouraging” results from two wells in Ohio’s Utica Shale, one in Ashland County, the other in neighboring Medina County—both in the northwestern corner of the Utica Shale in Ohio. Although Devon is not saying whether or not they will drill more wells in that area, they have indicated they will drill more wells to the east.

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