Deep Well Services Helps Drill 3 Longest Onshore Laterals in U.S.

Mark Marmo – DWS

We spotted an article in the Pittsburgh Business Times (one of our favorite pubs) announcing Mark Marmo, CEO of Deep Well Services, as the winner of the 2019 Fox Rothschild Outstanding CEOs and Top Executives Award. The award is well deserved. Mark is a great leader and a great person. As cool as the award is, Mark is quoted in an interview about the award sharing information that is, for us, the top news to report today: Deep Well is currently helping drill what are the three longest onshore shale wells ever drilled in the U.S.
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EQT Downsizing Pittsburgh Office; Williams Keeping Big Office

It’s no secret that upstream companies (drillers) like EQT are trimming head count and reducing annual spending. So it probably won’t come as a surprise that EQT has put 46,000 square feet (out of 250,000 sq. ft.) in its palatial headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh up for sublease. Meanwhile, in a contrasting bit of news, midstream (pipeline) company Williams has just renewed the lease for its big regional Pittsburgh headquarters at Park Place Corporate Center–a 112,481 sq. ft. building.
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Antero’s WV Frack Wastewater Plant “Best Project Like it in World”

Clearwater Facility

Antero Resources’ innovative wastewater recycling facility in Doddridge County, WV began operation in November 2017 (see Antero’s $275M WV Wastewater Recycling Facility Ready to Launch). Since that time, the Clearwater Facility has continued to expand. Today it operates at about 70% of its full capacity.
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Con Ed Threatens NYC Proper: No New Pipe, No New Gas Customers

In a new and important development in New York State’s war against natural gas pipelines, local utility Consolidated Edison says if the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project is delayed or canceled, not only will Westchester suburbanites continue to be subject to Con Ed’s ban on new customers from hooking up to receive natgas, so too will customers who live in New York City itself.
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PA, OH Bills Would Prop Up Failing/Expensive Nuclear Power Plants

New York State is already doing it, Pennsylvania is actively considering doing it, and now, Ohio has caught the contagion too. The “it” we’re talking about is soaking electric rate payers to pump more money into the coffers of big corporations so they can keep uneconomic and financially failing nuclear electric generating plants operating. Both PA and OH lawmakers have floated plans to soak rate payers in their respective states.
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EPA was Already Working on Revised 401 Cert. Before Trump’s EO

Andrew Wheeler

Federal Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler recently granted a “wide-ranging” interview to Reuters. The first series of questions from the reporter dealt with last week’s Executive Order signed by President Trump, instructing the EPA to tweak the existing Clean Water Act Section 401 certification process. Wheeler said the agency was already working on the tweaks before Trump signed the order, knowing that the order was on the way.
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Energy Stories of Interest: Tue, Apr 16, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: Manchin looks ahead to natural gas possibilities; President’s order to speed oil and gas infrastructure permits a winning move; NATIONAL: Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she’d ban new fossil fuel production on federal lands as president; U.S. Supreme Court denies natgas-fired generators challenge of nuclear subsidies.
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