Columbus Radical Admits Frack Ban Ballot Measure Not Legal

Just a few days ago we told you about a group of anti-fossil fuel nutters, backed by the Big Green group CELDF, making yet another run at an illegal frack ban in Columbus, OH (see CELDF Finds New Group of Suckers in Columbus for Utica Frack Ban). Columbus, with a population of 2,078,725 people, found 12,134 suckers (1/2 of 1% of the entire population) to sign a petition to get a so-called Community Bill of Rights on the ballot in November. As we previously pointed out, this initiative is illegal. State law specifically reserves the right to regulate oil and gas activity at the state level–local towns, cities, etc. don’t have the staff or expertise to regulate such activities. In a new article, one of the main agitators behind the ballot measure admits the so-called Community Bill of Rights is likely illegal. But that doesn’t matter to him: “[T]he initiative is still worth pursuing because it brings attention to what he believes is the unfairness of cities not having a say in oil and gas drilling.” So the antis know it’s illegal, it will never stand, but they want taxpayers to have to burn money and time to challenge it anyway. Just because they don’t like fossil fuels and activities to extract them. How do you even have a conversation with someone who is totally irrational?…
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CELDF Finds New Group of Suckers in Columbus for Utica Frack Ban

The spirit of P.T. Barnum is alive and well in Columbus, OH where enough suckers have been tricked by the odious anti-fracking group Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) to sign a petition to get a misnamed “Community Bill of Rights” onto the ballot this November. It’s more of the same from the PA-based CELDF. The Bill of Rights is a document in direct contravention to the Ohio Constitution, which reserves the right to regulate oil and gas drilling to the state itself–not to local municipalities. Each time the CELDF has tried this nonsense in other locations it has failed. The CELDF ballot initiative in Youngstown has now been voted down by voters seven times (see Ohio Antis Suffer Big Election Defeats in Youngstown, Statewide). In those locations where CELDF-backed initiatives have passed, like Highland Township (Elk County, PA) and Grant Twp (Indiana County, PA), the measures were overturned by the courts (see Attorney for Anti Group CELDF Fined $52K for “Bad Faith”). But none of that matters to the SUCKERS in Columbus who have signed the latest CELDF petition…
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Hearings Scheduled for Proposed Duke Pipeline in Cincinnati

Duke Energy Ohio, an LDC or “local distribution company” serves some half a million customers with natural gas in Ohio. The company has a 12-mile pipeline to flow the gas it needs, to move it from one point to another in Hamilton County (Cincinnati), in the southwest corner of the state. The Duke pipeline has been in service since the 1950s. Duke needs to replace that pipe or some of those half million Duke customers won’t get natural gas any more. Because anything to do with “fracking” or “pipelines” has been so thoroughly bastardized by the media and anti-fossil fuel protesters, there has been, of course, opposition to Duke’s plan. So Duke “listened” and has scaled back their plans. Instead of building a 30-inch gas pipeline running at 600 psi (pounds per square inch), the revised plan calls for a 20-inch pipeline running at 400 psi (see Duke Energy Modifies/Scales Back Plan for SW OH Pipeline). Duke proposed two potential routes, both of which are opposed by antis, including a group calling themselves NOPE–Neighbors Opposing Pipeline Extension. We call them DOPEs–Dummies Opposing Pipeline Extensions. Will the DOPErs volunteer to shut off the natural gas to their homes and businesses if the pipeline doesn’t get built? Not on your life! Two public hearings have now been scheduled–one for June 15 and the other July 12. The DOPErs are gearing up to fight…
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Brainwash: Columbus OH Pre-K Kids Forced to Bash WNF Fracking

This is maddening, angering, and so far out of line we hope the “teachers” involved are summarily fired. NOW. Today. A group of 3 to 5 year-olds at the Little Dreamers, Big Believers day-care center in Columbus, OH–precious, innocent children who can’t comprehend much beyond when their next meal or nap is coming–have been manipulated into drawing pictures and making comments about the supposed horrors fracking in the Wayne National Forest (WNF). The tots’ pictures and comments against fracking were filed with the Bureau of Land Management as a form of protest. The way the “teachers” (we use that term VERY loosely) got the kiddies’ compliance was to stoke them by reading Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” to them, then filling their heads (i.e. brainwashing them) with ideas that fracking will kill trees in WNF. One area resident called this naked brainwashing “disgusting.” We agree–it is…
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Small Utica-Fired Electric Plant Coming to Ohio State U Campus

A bit of good news which is sure to drive insane snowflakes on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus over the edge of the cliff. Engie, a multinational electric utility company headquartered in France, recently won a contract to provide energy to Ohio State University for the next 50 (!) years. On the heals of that announcement, Engie has announced a potential plan to build a 60-megawatt Utica gas-fired electric power plant right on the campus of OSU. It will be the first-ever electric plant located on campus. Talk about gall! Doesn’t Engie know that OSU’s precious snowflakes (lib kiddies that hate fossil fuels) will melt?! That their precious sensitivities will be mortally offended? We’re waiting for the storm that’s about to be unleashed with the news of the new plant. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the entertainment…
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Appalachia Resist Strikes Again – Nutjob Blocks Traffic in Columbus

Credit: Columbus Dispatch (click for larger version)

In 2012 a group of what some call “aggressive” anti-drilling zealots flying under the name of Appalachia Resist ran a training camp in Athens County, OH to incite impressionable young idiots into criminal acts under the guise of saving the planet (see Anti-Drillers in Ohio Learn to Break the Law at Special Camp). They taught their lessons well. Three months later a small mob of 100 or so stormed a shale wastewater treatment facility in Washington County, OH, vandalizing equipment and terrorizing the workers (see Protesters Get Violent, Shut Down OH Frack Water Plant). These are not “peaceful acts of civil disobedience” as is claimed by some biased media reports. These are criminals acting and behaving like criminals. In 2014 they temporarily shut down an Ohio injection well (see Anti-Drilling Protesters Shut Down OH Injection Well – 1 Arrested), and in 2015 they vandalized a pipeline construction site (see Radicalized Ohio U Students Vandalize Pipeline Construction Site). With the recent total defeat of their cause in Ohio (community after community voting down so-called Community Bill of Rights resolutions), Appalachia Resist has run out of things to protest. So on Tuesday they decided to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline–in front of Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s office in Columbus, OH. We know we know–the Dakota Access Pipeline is some 1,200 miles (and 20 hours by car) from Columbus. But that didn’t stop a small group of a dozen or so from making horses rear-ends of themselves. One in particular decided to chain himself to the axle of his van, blocking traffic for an hour while law enforcement saved him from himself. Here’s the latest antics from Appalachia Resist…
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