Oil & Gas Awards “Northeast Conference for Excellence” Now on MDN

movie popcornIn a bit of a departure from our normal “all news all the time” format, MDN is excited to bring you the recorded video sessions from the recent Oil & Gas Awards “Northeast Conference for Excellence.” All of them! You may recall that the Oil & Gas Awards held their annual Northeast conference and awards ceremony in Pittsburgh on Thursday, March 20. MDN editor Jim Willis was honored to be a part of the event, moderating two panels for the conference. We wrote up our impressions of this top-notch event here: Oil & Gas Awards – List of Winners, Bang-up Time!

The folks at the Oil & Gas Awards recorded the conference sessions in Pittsburgh and have made them available exclusively to MDN for our subscribers (never a better time to subscribe!). For today’s daily email/stories, we have included separate articles for each session–describing who the the speakers are, and what they talk about during the session. It give you a handy way to zero in on just the content you may be most interested in hearing. But having said that, let me encourage you to–as you have time–listen and watch the entire thing! It’s all here. I felt each session was weighty–with loads of good information and intelligence for those with an interest in the Marcellus and Utica Shale. You won’t be bored.

So break out the popcorn, stick the earplugs into your computer, get a pad and pen handy and watch and learn. You’ll get a first-class education from this conference.

Jim Willis, Editor
Marcellus Drilling News

List of sessions:

OGA 1: Keynote Address – Gary Evans, Magnum Hunter Resources

OGA 2: Panel Discussion – Marcellus/Utica Midstream Update

OGA 3: Market Update – Greg Lorson, TEEMCO

OGA 4: Panel Discussion – Drilling & Completions (Jim Willis moderates)

OGA 5: Keynote Address – Chad Zamarin, NiSource Midstream

OGA 6: Panel Discussion – Health & Safety (Jim Willis moderates)

OGA 7: Panel Discussion – Environmental Protection

OGA 8: Keynote Address – John Applegath, Range Resources

OGA 9: Panel Discussion – Community Engagement

P.S. We’ve included one extra story because it’s time sensitive–for our fellow New Yorkers. President Obama will be visiting Cooperstown, NY on Thursday, May 22nd. The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York has put out the word to have pro-drilling New Yorkers show up to welcome the president and let him know (via peaceful signs) that Cuomo needs some encouragement to get off the dime with shale drilling in NY.

OGA 1: Keynote Address – Gary Evans, Magnum Hunter Resources

Keynote Address: Magnum Hunter and the Unconventional Shale Plays

  • Discussing the changing balance between production and import of crude in the United States
  • Highlighting the importance of growing crude production to reduce the US trade deficit
  • Detailing the impact of shale gas on the US energy & chemical markets
  • Focusing on the Marcellus Shale region current and predicted production in 2014

Gary C. Evans, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation
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OGA 2: Panel Discussion – Marcellus/Utica Midstream Update

Panel I: Marcellus/Utica Midstream Update – 2014 and Beyond

  • Discussing how much infrastructure is actually needed in the Marcellus/Utica region and the current balance between supply and demand?
  • Targeting methods for managing pricing variation, overcoming takeaway chokepoints in areas with depressed prices
  • Detailing NGL takeaway issues and the cost/benefit analysis for pipeline expansion
  • Addressing the impact of ethane crackers on the Marcellus/Utica midstream
  • Assessing midstream investment in the northeast, looking ahead to the major projects for 2014
  • Offering insight to the challenge of sourcing skilled labor with understanding of the midstream sector, highlighting the impact of the midstream sector on the Northeast labor market
  • Comparing the differences/unique requirements between wet gas & dry gas gathering infrastructure

Moderator: Michael L. Krancer, Energy, Petrochemical and Natural Resources Practice Group Leader, Blank Rome LLP
Speakers: Brent Breon, Vice President Business Development, Blue Racer Midstream
Tony Blando, Vice President Marketing, NiSource Midstream Services, Columbia Pipeline Group
Aubrey Harper, Vice President Business Development, IPS Engineering / EPC
Brett Nixon, Director of Business Development, PVR Partners
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OGA 3: Market Update – Greg Lorson, TEEMCO

Market Update: An Overview Of The Environmental Regulations Affecting Air, Water and Rail

  • Looking forward to challenges and opportunities for the Oil & Gas industry
  • Assessing the impact of environmental regulations
  • Achieving environmental compliance in the face of continued production expansion

Greg Lorson, Chief Executive Officer, TEEMCO
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OGA 4: Panel Discussion – Drilling & Completions

Panel II: Drilling and Completions

  • Lowering the cost to drill: How to make money when gas sells for $1.50 Mcf
  • Analyzing the potential of self-sufficient power: The change from diesel to natural gas-powered drilling rigs
  • Increasing production with fewer rigs: how shale drilling has changed the rules of the game
  • Addressing the challenge of sourcing water: Are new pipelines a financially and environmentally viable alternative to transport by truck?
  • Evaluating the role of wastewater: Recycling, injection wells and barging
  • Assessing the impact of monster wells: a look at some of the most productive wells on earth, located in the Marcellus & Utica Shale region
  • Comparing wet and dry gas drilling – what are their comparative strengths and weaknesses?
  • Illustrating the current landscape of acreage positions by E&Ps for both the Marcellus & Utica

Moderator: Jim Willis, Editor, Marcellus Drilling News
Speakers: Eric Luckey, Completions Engineer, Noble Energy
Dennis Degner, Director of Operations, Range Resources
Brett Schellenberg, Marketing Executive, Orion Drilling
Bryan Dickson, North East Division Engineering, FTS International
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OGA 5: Keynote Address – Chad Zamarin, NiSource Midstream

Keynote Address: The Midstream Factor—The Critical Link to Success in Emerging Shale Plays

  • Developing sufficient midstream infrastructure to support the natural gas industry in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays.
  • Showcasing how midstream operations are paving the way for success that will benefit natural gas producers, consumers and the Appalachian Basin as a whole

Chad Zamarin, Chief Operating Officer, NiSource Midstream Services
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OGA 6: Panel Discussion – Health & Safety

Panel III: Health and Safety Issues You Can’t Ignore

  • Showcasing job site safety: best practices, the role of training
  • Educating as to the safe handling of frac sand
  • Achieving frac fluid chemical transparency using FracFocus
  • Implementing effective safety plans for drilling sites
  • Coordinating/establishing a relationship with local first responders
  • Assessing the impact of OSHA regulations
  • Detailing the impact of the DOT trucking rule “clarification” – how can your company ensure compliance?
  • Ensuring security in the face of protests, trespassing and other crimes

Moderator: Jim Willis, Editor, Marcellus Drilling News
Speakers: Stefan Hirniak, HSE Recruitment Consultant, Progressive GE
Rob L. Gough, EHS Manager, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
David Renz, Sr. EHS Coordinator, Noble Energy
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OGA 7: Panel Discussion – Environmental Protection

Panel IV: Environmental Protection, Regulation and Compliance

  • Specifying the bodies responsible for drilling & pipeline regulation in the Marcellus and Utica
  • Evaluating efforts to overcome negative views of shale development by groups such as the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD)
  • Preparing for the new EPA air pollution rules for drillers in 2015 – what do companies need to do to achieve compliance
  • Tips for better soil erosion control with well pad and pipeline construction
  • Assessing the industry impact on local wildlife: how can companies avoid permanently harming species and their habitats?
  • Presenting results from the PA DEP air pollution study
  • Evaluating the impact of radiation in shale cuttings and best practice for their management and disposal
  • Does radon level in Marcellus Shale pose a health risk for consumers who burn gas?
  • Debating the role the federal government should play in regulating shale drilling
  • Discussing the potential impact of the proposed changes to the Chapter 78 regulations
  • Detailing the requirements in the Rocky Mountains for sourcing, recycling and disposing of water

Moderator: Michael L. Krancer, Energy, Petrochemical and Natural Resources Practise Group Leader, Blank Rome LLP
Speakers: Nathan S. Bennett, Regulatory Manager, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Greg Lorson, Chief Executive Officer, TEEMCO
Scott Perry, Deputy Secretary, Office of Oil and Gas Management, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
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OGA 9: Panel Discussion – Community Engagement

Panel V: Community Engagement: Are we losing the Public’s confidence?

  • Winning the public perception battle: What is the current perception and how can positive change
  • Connecting with local communities – employing local workers, donating to local charities, finance community projects
  • Employing effective transparency to manage adverse events
  • Judging the importance of social media in connecting with the community and stakeholders
  • Forced pooling/unitization – how to make the case
  • First impressions count: are your landmen helping or hurting your company’s reputation?
  • Connecting with your leased landowners – keeping the lines of communication open and operating
  • Maintaining good relations with surface rights owners who don’t own mineral rights
  • Dealing with anti-drilling groups and protesters in a professional and positive way

Moderator: Alex Grant, Conference Producer, Oil & Gas Awards
Speakers: Brittany Thomas, Coordinator External Affairs, Cabot Oil & Gas
Sarah Barczyk, Manager, Community Relations & Stakeholder Outreach, NiSource Midstream Services
Dan Weaver, Public Relations, PIOGA
Stacey Brodak, Manager Community and Media Relations, Noble Energy
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Obama Coming to Cooperstown on Thurs – Hold a Pro-Drilling Sign!

Calling all New York pro-drillers! President Obama is visiting Cooperstown, NY this Thursday, May 22nd. The 70,000-member Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) has put out the call for as many of their members as possible to turn up at the Baseball Hall of Fame to hold signs welcoming and informing President Obama that he needs to share some of his energy leadership with the recalcitrant man-child governor of New York: Andy Cuomo. According to the email call to action, the JLCNY says, “…let President Obama know that NY lacks his leadership on energy matters and the rights and benefits being enjoyed throughout the rest of America are STILL being denied to NY citizens!” Here here! We agree 100%.

Here’s the full announcement from the JLCNY issued yesterday:
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