Antis Try to Convince Fed Court to Block Mountain Valley Pipeline

Equitrans’ (EQT Midstream) 300-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is now 70% built (see Shocker: Mountain Valley Pipeline Now 70% Built, Online by 4Q19). Even so, radicalized environmental groups are still trying to overturn and block it from beginning service via numerous lawsuits. One lawsuit in particular seeks to emasculate the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the process.
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PA AG Investigates Shale Drillers for “Enviro Crimes”

PA AG Josh Shapiro – searching for enviro crimes

It turns out Pennsylvania’s current Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, is not much different than his predecessor, Kathleen Kane (who is sitting in jail for committing perjury). Kane, and now Shapiro, have targeted the Marcellus Shale industry, accusing drillers of committing crimes against the environment. It’s cheap and it’s sleazy and a total abuse of the office, all for political grandstanding.
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FERC Responds to NY Radicals re Pipeline Impacts on Global Warming

This post is about a pipeline project we’ve written quite a bit about over the past few years–Dominion Energy’s New Market project that ever-so-modestly expands an existing pipeline in Upstate New York. But at its heart, the issue is much deeper. Anti-fossil fuel radicals are challenging this project, in court, as a way to force the government to consider man-made global warming when approving such projects.
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National Park Service “Reconsiders” Permit for Atlantic Coast Pipe

Since early December Dominion Energy’s 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been idle, not able to do any new construction due to a cockamamie ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (see 4th Circus Clowns Refuse to Clarify Decision re Atlantic Coast Pipe). The Fourth Circus clown judges are making Dominion wait until end of March for the next phase of a lawsuit brought by Big Green groups challenging a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) permit.
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PA AG Will Continue Chesapeake Royalty Lawsuit in Bradford Co.

PA AG Josh Shapiro

Pennsylvania’s Democrat Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, held a public meeting last night in Towanda (Bradford County), PA to talk about the state’s now three-year-old lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy, a lawsuit alleging the company has shafted landowners out of gas royalty money.
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Fed Court Allows PA Royalty Lawsuit Against Chesapeake to Proceed

Coincidentally on the topic of royalty lawsuits (see today’s companion story, PA AG Will Continue Chesapeake Royalty Lawsuit in Bradford Co.), MDN came across a story (and a lawsuit) we previously had not heard about. An important case brought by landowners in Wyoming County, PA.
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PA PUC Affirms Decision to Reject ME 1&2 Pipe Shutdown Request

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) yesterday upheld an administrative law judge’s December decision against an “emergency” request by pipeline opponents to shut down both Mariner East 1 and 2 by claiming they are unsafe and need to be stopped. Can we FINALLY put this to rest and move on? ME1 and ME2 are both now online. There’s no going back.
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Was PA Supreme Court Right to Tax Strippers? PIOGA Pushes Back

Did the Pennsylvania Supreme Court err in its judgment declaring so-called “stripper wells” can be taxed under the 2012 Act 13 law, slapped with an impact fee assessment, if those wells produce more than 90,000 thousand cubic feet per day (Mcf/d) of gas in a single month (see PA Supreme Court Rules Strippers Not Exempt from Impact Fee)? We have a different take on the high court’s decision than others.
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County DA’s ME2 Pipe Criminal Probe Evidence: Instagram Post

Chester County DA Tom Hogan, conducting a sham criminal investigation of ME2 Pipeline

Since when did calling a woman on Instagram a “retard” and a “c–t” become a crime? Sure, the language is crude and offensive. But a crime?! A pipeline worker in the Philly area used that language responding (in exasperation) to an anti, and his comments appear to be all the evidence Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan has so far in his “criminal” probe of Mariner East 2 pipeline.
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Landowner Group Sues NY State to Allow Propane Fracking

This news is a bit dated, but still interesting and is new for us: Last October a group of landowners in Tioga County, NY filed a lawsuit to force the NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to quit dragging its feet and set a date to consider the groups application to allow LPG (liquefied petroleum gas, i.e. propane) fracking for a shale well.
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Antero “Nuisance” Lawsuit Heard by WV Supreme Court Temp Judges

Three years ago lawsuits filed by some 200 West Virginia residents against Antero Resources were combined into a class action lawsuit (see More People Pile on Antero, Seek to Join Mass “Nuisance” Lawsuit). The lawsuits are called “nuisance” lawsuits because, according to the plantiffs, Antero is a nuisance to them–truck traffic, noise, lights at night, etc.
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4th Circus Clowns Refuse to Clarify Decision re Atlantic Coast Pipe

In early December, the clown judges of the Fourth Circus Court of Appeals (our name for the Fourth Circuit) put a hold on a permit issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) that allows the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline to get built through areas with so-called endangered and threatened species (see 4th Circus Blocks Permit, Stops All Work on Atlantic Coast Pipe).
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PA Enviro Hearing Board Rejects Air Permit for Marcus Hook

Marcus Hook complex (credit: Wikipedia)

Score a minor victory for the odious Philadelphia Clean Air Council in their fight to block any/all fossil fuel projects any/everywhere. They’ve convinced the PA Environmental Hearing Board to question a previously issued air quality permit for the Marcus Hook refinery in Delaware County, near Philadelphia.
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Riverkeeper Appeals Atlantic Sunrise Lawsuit to US Supreme Court

Maya van Rossum, THE Delaware Riverkeeper

THE Delaware Riverkeeper, Maya van Rossum, along with a couple of radicals from Lancaster County flying under the name Lancaster Against Pipelines (the Clatterbucks), are hoping they can convince the United States Supreme Court to consider a case that a series of lower courts have dismissed–a case that would shut down the now-operating Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.
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