NY DEC Nervous that FERC Will Overturn Constitution Pipe Ruling

The Cuomo-corrupted New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is spitting and sputtering, “warning” the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that if they (FERC) decide to rule that NY took too long to approve the Williams Constitution Pipeline and now gives the project a go-ahead, the DEC intends to rain down all sorts of legal hell on the agency. Which tells us one thing: the DEC is VERY nervous that their power to block pipeline projects is about to be neutered.
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Sunoco, DEP Settle on $200K Fine for ME1 Pipe Leak in 2017

The Mariner East 1 pipeline sprung a small leak and spilled 20 barrels (~840 gallons) of ethane and propane in Berks County, near Philadelphia, on April 1, 2017 (see Mariner East 1 Sprang a Small NGL Leak Near Philly, on Apr 1). Sunoco Logistics Partners (i.e. Energy Transfer), builder and maintainer of the pipeline, shut it down and fixed it over the next several days. It took the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), which oversees regulation of the pipeline, a year and a half to investigate.
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Exploded Tetco Pipe in Ohio Back Online – 10 Weeks Later

A 30-inch segment of Enbridge’s Texas Eastern Transmission Company (Tetco) interstate natural gas pipeline exploded in January, sending two people to the hospital and destroying two nearby homes when fires from the blast spread (see Texas Eastern Pipeline Explodes in Noble County, OH – Injuries). The pipeline is now, after 10 weeks, fully back online and flowing at 100% capacity. We have an update on how the outage affected flows in the region, and the likely cause for the explosion.
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Living with ME2 Pipeline Construction in Your Back Yard

We spotted a story about landowners in the Philadelphia suburbs who currently have to live with construction of the Mariner East 2 pipelines (plural, there are two of them, ME2 and ME2X), literally happening in their back yards. While we are strong supporters of the ME2 project, we are not unsympathetic to landowners and the hassles they have to endure while it’s being built.
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NFG CEO Tanski Retiring in July, Replacement Named

David P. Bauer – NFG’s next CEO

National Fuel Gas Company (NFG) is headquartered in Western New York State, operating drilling subsidiary Seneca Resources and pipeline subsidiary Empire Pipeline. Via Seneca Resources, NFG drills wells in northcentral and northwestern PA. Via Empire Pipeline, they build and maintain hundreds of miles of pipelines. Big company. Important company. NFG’s CEO, Ronald Tanski, has just announced he’ll retire in July.
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Rover Pipe Paid $73M in Property Taxes Last Year, $180M This Year

One of the arguments often heard from those who oppose natural gas pipelines is that “nobody” benefits from the pipeline except the sleazy Big Corporation that builds and profits from it. A single pipeline running through Ohio and Michigan puts that lie to rest. Rover Pipeline, built and operated by Energy Transfer, paid out some $73 million in local property taxes in 2018 when the pipeline first began operation. For 2019, with the full pipeline operating at 100% capacity for the entire year, Rover says they will pay out ~$180 million in property taxes! Taxes that fund schools, roads, first responders and other worthy causes.
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Trump Exec Order Coming to Overrule NY on Blocked Pipelines

Credit: NBC News

Although it’s still talk, the talk is now white hot and all indications are that President Trump will soon issue an Executive Order (EO) that declares important pipeline projects–like Williams’ Constitution and Northeast Supply Enhancement projects–are critical for national security, and that states like New York trying to block those projects just because they’re fossil fuel projects will not stand.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 4/4/19: White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow has confirmed a Trump EO is about to be issued on pipelines. See article below.
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Energy Transfer Opens Office in China to Push LNG, Ethane

Chinese for “good news”

Energy Transfer issued an exciting announcement yesterday to say they are expanding their presence in China “to meet growing demand for ethane and liquid natural gas products” by opening an ET office in Beijing. It will be ET’s first non-U.S. office–can you believe that?! Although ET doesn’t mention the Marcellus/Utica in the announcement, we think there’s a connection.
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South Korean Company Invests $300M in Blue Racer Midstream

Blue Racer Midstream assets (click for larger version)

SK Holdings is one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, and the 57th largest company in the world. Bet you didn’t know that! SK is composed of 95 subsidiary companies with 70,000 employees and has its fingers in many pies, including telecommunications, manufacturing and chemicals. One of SK’s core businesses is energy. Yesterday the company made a major investment in energy by investing in Blue Racer Midstream, a gathering and processing system with 700 miles of pipelines in Ohio and West Virginia, the heart of the Marcellus/Utica.
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Massachusetts Still Trying to Block 2.1 Miles of Local Gas Pipe

There must be something in the water in New England. Today we told you about mass insanity in Bristol, Vermont, and now a story about a small community in nearby Massachusetts that wants to block 2.1 miles of new looping pipeline (buried next to an existing pipeline) in Longmeadow, Mass. All because local fruit loops want to ban new “fossil fuel” infrastructure. Lunacy is breaking out everywhere in New England!
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Will Puerto Rico’s Clean Energy Law Affect Marcellus LNG Imports?

Does one government hand know what the other is doing in Puerto Rico? More to the point, is there a brain instructing either hand what to do? That’s the question we had as we read the legislature of PR has just passed an idiotic law requiring all electricity generation on the island to come from so-called renewables by 2050.
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It’s Time to Support Williams’ NESE Project in NJ – Here’s How

An important project from Williams, the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) which would beef up capacity along the Transco pipeline system going into New York City, is now under review in New Jersey. Part of the project must pass through NJ on its way to NY–and it’s time to sign a petition to the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).
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