21 Industry Groups Ask US Supreme Court to Restore Pipeline Permit

Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) previously filed a request with the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit that judicially creates a new law stipulating pipelines can’t cross under the Appalachian Trail without (no kidding) an Act of Congress. The clown judges of the Fourth Circus (our name for that court) revoked a permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service. A list of 21 business and oil/gas industry groups filed a “friend of the court” brief yesterday supporting ACP, asking the Supremes to reinstate the Forest Service permit for the project.
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Nova Scotia Bear Head LNG Gets Lifeline – App. Extended to 2022

Bear Head LNG & pipelines to feed it
Bear Head LNG & pipelines to feed it (click for larger version)

For a number of years MDN has tracked an LNG export plant planned for the eastern shore of Nova Scotia–the Bear Head LNG project (see our Bear Head LNG stories here). In 2017, an official from the project said it was “shovel-ready” and could begin at any time (see Nova Scotia’s Bear Head LNG Sees Surge of Interest). However, not one shovelful of dirt has been turned. The project recently asked for and was granted permission to extend permits set to expire at the end of this year.
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Radical Dems Make Another Run at Forcing NY to Divest Fossil Fuels

In what is at least the second (maybe third or fourth) serious attempt, radical Democrats in the New York State legislature have floated a bill that would force NY’s public employee pension fund to completely divest any stock holdings in fossil fuel companies. Are NY retirees ready to take a $1 TRILLION hit in their wallets if it happens?
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Oil and NatGas Prices No Longer Linked – Because of Shale

Once upon a time in BSE (before shale era) if you were to chart the price of oil and the price of natural gas together on the same graph, the path/track was almost identical. When the price of oil went up (or down), so too did the price of gas. With the advent of shale in 2008/2009, tracking between the two has changed. It’s gone. The value of natural gas compared to the value of oil is now *much lower* than it was in BSE.
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U.S. Gov’t Grants New Fortress Permit to Ship NEPA LNG by Rail!

As far as we can tell, MDN is exclusively breaking the following news: On December 5 (last Thursday), the PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) granted a special permit to Energy Transport Solutions, LLC (i.e. New Fortress Energy) to transport LNG in DOT-113C120 rail tanker cars between Wyalusing, PA and Gibbstown, NJ. This is huge! There still is not a new regulation/law to allow shipment of LNG by rail across the country, but somehow New Fortress has gotten a special permit to do so anyway. Huge!
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Dominion Issues RFP to Build Gas-Fired Peaker, Cancels Mo. Later

“Peaker plants” are small electric generating plants that produce electricity for brief periods during high demand. Older peakers were often powered by oil. Newer peakers are powered by natural gas. In early November Dominion Energy floated an RFP (request for proposal) for companies to build a series of peakers (no smaller than 50 megawatts) totaling a combined 1,500 MW to come online beginning 2022 in Virginia. A month later, following criticism from a competitor, Dominion has canceled the RFP…at least for now.
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Carnegie Mellon Junk Science Says Shale Kills via Air Pollution

Once upon a time Carnegie Mellon University used to conduct real research and publish real scientific studies with respect to the PA Marcellus Shale (see Carnegie Mellon Study: Radon in Marcellus Gas Doesn’t Kill People). That was then, this is now. Nowadays the “researchers” at CMU are “researching” and issuing “studies” on theoreticals and mythology, rather than real, measurable science.
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Brainwashed/Radicalized Kids Skip School, Call it “Climate Strike”

Notice the anti-capitalist sign at this so-called climate strike in Philly (credit: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Your children are being radicalized in public schools across the country–right under your nose. They are being brainwashed that the planet is going to fry in 10 years because “capitalism” is causing “global warming.” It is sad, and it is scary–because they are the next generation and they are being mis-educated, lied to, and stoked up to embrace eco-fascism. Our children are being turned into enemies of the U.S. Constitution. It’s time to do something to correct this problem.
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Some Anti Fossil Fuel Nuts Try What They Preach & Don’t Like It

Some anti fossil-fuel nutters are finally responding to the criticism they don’t eat their own dog food. They don’t practice what they preach. They don’t “walk the walk.” One of the most egregious examples is old, fat Al Gore who jets around the world every other week and maintains a palace he calls a house…and has a carbon footprint (the thing he preaches against) as big as a small city. Now, some “climate scientists” and “researchers” are trying to actually live the low carbon footprint lifestyle they demand the rest of us live–and they’re finding out they don’t much like it.
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DC Court to Rehear Atlantic Sunrise Pipe Eminent Domain Decision

Lawsuit aims to castrate FERC

Here we go again. In August a three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) had the right to approve Williams’ Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project, including the right to use eminent domain to build it before details are finalized over compensation to landowners (see DC Court Upholds FERC Authority in Approving Atlantic Sunrise Pipe). The Sierra Club and other Big Green groups, with endless mountains of money from people like Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, kept pushing and finally convinced the entire DC Circuit (all of the judges, call “en banc”) to rehear and reconsider the case already decided by three of their number.
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Equitrans Cancels Trinity Energy Contract re Mountain Valley Pipe

Last week Equitrans subsidiary EQM Midstream Partners (formerly EQT Midstream) canceled a contract with Texas-based Trinity Energy to build portions of the now-stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project. You may recall that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stopped all new construction on MVP in October, until a new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit that passes muster with the courts can be issued (see FERC Shuts Down All Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction). We’re not sure what Trinity was doing in the meantime with a shutdown of construction in place, but Trinity reps expressed surprise that their MVP contract has now been canceled.
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Slowdown in Texas Permian Will Benefit Marcellus/Utica

U.S. shale regions (click for larger version)

Yesterday was the final day of the Hart Energy Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference being held in Pittsburgh. While the first day’s sessions had “a somewhat downbeat tone” (see M-U Drillers Tell Pipeline Companies to Lower Fees, or Else), the second day’s sessions were more optimistic–especially with respect to our region’s prospects to ship natural gas and NGLs to other regions.
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2 Dozen Antis Protest at Weymouth Compressor Site – 4 Arrested

Weymouth protesters block entrance to compressor site (Credit: Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Earlier this week MDN told you the great news that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has green lighted construction of a compressor station in Weymouth, Mass., and that Enbridge (the builder) said they will begin construction any day now (see Stop Press! Enbridge to Begin Construction on Weymouth Compressor). Indeed, crews are at the site getting things ready, and that brought out “more than two dozen” (according to a CBS report) anti-fossil fuel protesters. Some of the protesters couldn’t help themselves and tripped over into committing a crime by blocking the entrance to the facility so crews could not come and go with equipment. Typical.
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U.S. Exports More Oil than Imports for First Time in Half Century

Our favorite government agency, the U.S. Energy Information Administration, brings us news that (so far) the lamestream press refuses to share. In September the United States exported 89,000 barrels per day (b/d) more petroleum (crude oil and petroleum products) than it imported. That’s the first month this has happened since monthly records began in 1973! The first time in recorded history! But not a peep from the press or their Big Green overlords. This is ALL due to the miracle of shale drilling.
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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Meets with PTT re Cracker – Still No FID

PTT Ohio cracker site (click for larger version)

Near the end the year for the past 3-4 years we inevitably hear that PTT Global Chemical will not, as promised or implied, make a final investment decision (FID) about building a multi-billion dollar ethane cracker in Belmont County, Ohio, but that the FID will instead happen “next year.” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (RINO) met with PTT representatives yesterday to discuss the project. No announcements. No new promises. No FID announced. Another disappointment (cue George Michael song “Last Christmas”).
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