Another Contractor Files Liens Against Lancaster Landowners re Pipeline

This stuff continues to make us angry. In March we told you that MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. of Michigan used lawyers to serve landowners in Lancaster County, PA with “mechanic’s liens” making the landowners liable to pay money to MacAllister for work done on the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project (see Another Pipe Builder Plays Dirty – Liens on Lancaster Landowners). Sleazy tactic. The issue revolves around Welded Construction, the main pipeline contractor, failing to pay their subcontractors (including MacAllister) for work done on the project. The same lawyers have filed *another* round of mechanic’s liens against Lancaster landowners, this time for Ohio Machinery Company (shame on them).
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Will Chevron Dump its M-U Assets to Chase Permian Black Gold?

A week ago MDN brought you the news that Chevron has cut a $50 billion deal to buy Anadarko Petroleum (see Permian Love Story: Chevron Buying Anadarko in $50B Megamerger). Although Chevron will benefit in a number of ways from the transaction, as we indicated in the headline, the primary motivator is to gain valuable acreage in the oily Permian Basin of West Texas. The question now becomes, will Chevron hold on to its Marcellus/Utica assets? Or sell them in order to concentrate on the Permian?
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EQT Looking for New HQ Building in Pittsburgh

EQT Plaza

EQT’s headquarters is located in a massive 250,000 square foot building known as EQT Plaza at 625 Liberty Ave. in Pittsburgh. Last week we told you that EQT is looking to sublease 46,000 sq. ft. of the building following layoffs (see EQT Downsizing Pittsburgh Office; Williams Keeping Big Office). This week we spotted the rumor that EQT is also looking for a new HQ building!
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WV’s Republican AG Sues Shale Energy Alliance Claiming It’s a PAC

West Virginia’s Republican Attorney General, Mac Warner, for some reason is suing the Shale Energy Alliance (SEA), claiming the group (a non-profit) is withholding a list of donor’s names that should be made publicly available. SEA engaged in “electioneering” according to Warner’s office, by paying for ads supporting certain candidates in the 2018 election. Yet Warner’s office isn’t going after non-profit Big Green groups that are doing the same thing. Why not?
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Ithaca Suburb Still Irrationally Hates Converting Coal to NatGas

Maybe it’s time to let Ithaca just go dark. Turn the electricity off, or rather, let the plants producing electricity that helps power the college town die off, and let rolling blackouts commence across the region. The battle continues to rage in the lib Dem socialist utopia of Ithaca (Tompkins County), NY over a plan to convert a local coal-fired electric generating plant to use much better-for-the-environment and far-less-polluting natural gas. Yet local antis, who irrationally (and we mean clinically insane) hate fossil fuels, continue to object. Fine. Turn off the lights.
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NYC Antis Continue to Pressure Cuomo to Block NESE Pipeline

Last Thursday, “more than 300” anti-fossil fuel nutters protested to “demand” that Gov. Cuomo block Williams’ proposed Northeast Supply Expansion (NESE) pipeline project. We have extensively covered NESE and the coming decision by Cuomo’s lapdogs at the Dept. of Environmental Conservation.
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Energy Stories of Interest: Mon, Apr 22, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: PA Sen. Gene Yaw critical of Energy Transfer at industry event; False alarm – no leak in Sunoco pipeline near Philadelphia; FirstEnergy’s supposed ‘green new deal’ to bail out nuclear plants is really just a political deal; Columbia Gas employees celebrate Earth Day with cleanup in Beaver County; ODNR issues 13 permits in Utica Shale; Gov. Tom Wolf visits Marietta in long-shot push for tax on natural gas drillers; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: Port Arthur LNG given green light to start construction; FERC approves Driftwood LNG construction; The Permian-driven shale boom is slowing, and that’s OK; NATIONAL: Elizabeth Warren’s green mistake; DLA awards natural gas supply contracts to four firms; U.S. oil, natural gas prices racing in opposite directions; Why are natural gas prices crashing?; INTERNATIONAL: Cuadrilla ‘ready to frack’ at second well in Lancashire as pressure on embattled industry builds; Qatar Petroleum issues 100 LNG carriers build invite; Russia and China close to deal on ‘very big’ Arctic projects that would move natural gas.
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MDN Will Not Publish Today – Good Friday

As we have in previous years, MDN will not publish today (Friday) in observance of Good Friday and the Easter holiday. We hope you enjoy this blessed time of year!

– Jim Willis, Editor

PA Sen. Gene Yaw to Intro Bill Blocking NatGas Sales to NY-NJ-MD

PA State Sen. Gene Yaw

Over the years MDN has heard the oft-repeated comment that if New York and other states want to block new pipelines, maybe Pennsylvania should quit shipping its gas to those states. PA State Senator Gene Yaw has also heard those comments and, in a brilliant move, Yaw will soon introduce a bill that does precisely that: block natural gas shipments to states like New York, New Jersey and Maryland–states attempting to (or have) blocked new pipelines from PA.
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Kinder Morgan Now Says Elba Island LNG Online “Approx. May 1”

Kinder Morgan has left a string of broken promises about the date for which the first Elba Island (Georgia) LNG export plant “mini-train” will begin producing and shipping LNG. We’ve chronicled the journey extensively. A month ago KM announced it was once again pushing back the startup of the first mini-train to April, “because of construction delays” (see Kinder Morgan Elba Island LNG Exports Delayed – Again). Yesterday KM released their first quarter 2019 update and yes, there’s a brief section about when Elba Island will start up.
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NYC Housing Authority Tenant Leader Lobbies for NESE NatGas Pipe

Danny Barber, a NYCHA tenant leader who backs NESE pipeline project

A prominent advocate for tenants who live in New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) apartment buildings is speaking up to support Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project. Daniel Barber, head of the Citywide Council of Presidents of NYCHA tenants’ associations, announced yesterday that without NESE, what’s already a crisis will become even worse. People without heat in the winter and without hot water year round. You MUST watch a short video (below) and read about how some of New York’s poorest residents will be harmed if NESE is blocked by Gov. Cuomo.
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Anti-Fossil Fuel NC Dems Ask FERC to Cancel Atlantic Coast Pipe

A group of 22 anti-fossil fuel Democrat legislators from North Carolina’s Senate and House have sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) asking FERC to cancel Dominion Energy’s 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project–because they don’t like it. The “legislators,” if you can call them that, claim their fantasy renewables will provide all the energy everybody needs. They’re living in La La Land.
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Bucks County Group Asks PA DEP for Baseline Tests re Adelphia Pipe

click map for larger version

A group of residents from Bucks County, PA (near Philadelphia), calling themselves Bucks County Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline (kind of gives away their true aim, no?) have asked the state Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) to perform “baseline scientific studies” for communities located along the proposed route of the Adelphia Gateway pipeline project.
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Marcellus/Utica and Permian Go Head-to-Head to Supply Gulf Coast

We’ve been keeping an eye on natural gas supplies coming out of the ground in the Permian (West Texas and eastern New Mexico) for more than a year. Why? Because all that associated gas being produced in the Permian has to go somewhere, and increasingly it goes to places where Marcellus/Utica gas also goes. A potent competitor. A year ago we told you about Permian and M-U gas competing in Midwestern markets (see Permian NatGas Increasingly Competes with M-U in Midwest). But it’s not just in the Midwest. Both plays increasingly now compete to supply markets along the Gulf Coast.
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The Case for “Green No Deal” – Reasons to Stop Worrying About CO2

MDN is not a blog/news site about climate change per se, and we don’t want to turn it into one. However, the issue of climate change, by which we mean man-caused global warming from burning fossil fuels, is at the core of why antis oppose shale drilling. So every now and again we bring you articles about the larger issue of global warming, and (more recently) about the idiotic Green New Deal being peddled by Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey and New York Rep. Alexandria Occasional-Cortex. The Wall Street Journal has just published a stellar column with four reasons why you don’t have to worry yourself into a frenzy that carbon dioxide emissions are going up.
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Energy Stories of Interest: Thu, Apr 18, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: DCNR’s EDWIN database of PA oil & gas well information; Gov. Wolf reappoints Gladys Brown Dutrieuille as PUC chairman; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: Gulf LNG gets environmental clearance; Permian activity is firing up but holding back regional natural gas prices; NATIONAL: ExxonKnew activists release manual to eliminate energy industry; Sempra LNG names vice president of engineering; Toshiba to start new bidding round for it US LNG business; Is the natural gas meltdown finally here?; Cramer – Chevron’s Anadarko merger won’t be the only oil deal this year; Emerson’s IoT system enhances shale oil production, monitoring.
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